Robert Pattinson’s Batman Getting Married?

What does Warner Bros have planned for Robert Pattinson's Bruce Wayne? Possibly, a heavy focus on his love life.

By Faith McKay | Published

Robert Pattinson

More information continues to circulate about what director Matt Reeves and his team have cooked up for The Batman. Now, following a storyline in the comics where Catwoman and Batman are deeply in love, We Got This Covered is reporting that they’ve heard The Batman sequels may have big plans for Robert Pattinson’s Batman and his romantic life.

According to We Got This Covered, this decision isn’t actually coming from director Matt Reeves. Instead, their sources have told them that the studio thinks Robert Pattinson’s Batman should get married. The trailer for the first movie shows that Zoe Kravitz’s Catwoman is going to play a large role in the first movie. They claim their sources are telling them that Warner Bros wants the pair to get married in the sequels.

This is an interesting enough idea that it’s something worth looking at, but it’s also a rumor worth approaching with a healthy amount of skepticism. There’s nothing else pointing at the studio as having this idea. It would seem like a strange thing for the studio to be pushing on Robert Pattinson’s character. Batman getting married if something that might make sense at the end of a trilogy, or in a television series even. They could be like Superman & Lois on The CW. But in a DC movie series? One that seems to just be getting started, and that all signs point to being something that Warner Bros wants to develop for the long term? This sounds a little hard to believe.

The outlet mentioned a possible source for the inspiration behind this idea for Robert Pattinson’s new movies: the comics. In recent years, Tom King has written Batman comics where Selina Kyle (Catwoman) and Batman are heavily romantically involved. There’s a long history of romantic sparks between the two in many iterations. Catwoman and Batman generally have an on-again and off-again relationship.

If Robert Pattinson and Zoe Kravitz’s characters are going to get married, then things will have to be fairly serious between them. In the Tom King comics, the two are more deeply in love than ever. Their relationship became a hit with fans, and eventually, the pair got engaged. The wedding was announced. DC invited all the fans. Hopes were high. But then, naturally, Selina Kyle left Bruce Wayne standing alone at the altar. The DC comics fans were upset, to say the least. If this were to happen to Robert Pattinson’s Batman, it would definitely be a moment for the character to get broody.

In the comics, eventually, the pair make up, and sort of spiritually get married? Catwoman says we’re together forever, and who cares about the law? We don’t need paperwork. This very much feels like a Selina Kyle thing to do, and also like a good way to avoid commitment for someone who just left Batman at the altar, but he accepts it and the pair are happily in love. This made sense as a storyline for the characters in the comics. Does it make sense as a plan the studio sees for Robert Pattinson and Zoe Kravitz?

It’ll be interesting to see how far they decide to go with developing love interests for Bruce Wayne in the new movies in general. In the comics, Batman has had his fair share of flirtations over the years. While the trailer suggests that Catwoman may be an idea Robert Pattinson’s Bruce Wayne may flirt with in the first film, it seems most likely they’ll want to keep him open and unattached as they have him move forward with potential sequels.