Robert Pattinson’s Batman Showing Up In Another Upcoming DC Movie?

By Doug Norrie | 3 months ago

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Robert Pattinson is gearing up to join the DC Universe of comic book movies in what could be a major splash. His turn as Batman is going to be one of the most-anticipated superhero movies in some time and could make a major shift for the character and tone in this universe. And now, according to insider Grace Randolph, Pattinson might not just be appearing in his own feature film. There’s a rumor that he could appear in other DC films as well, though there might be a catch. 

On her Twitter feed, Randolph outlined some of the DC Film release dates after Dwayne Johnson announced the timing for Black Adam being July 29, 2022. In her tweet she makes sure to give some of the tentative schedule around the other films. In this she also mentions that Robert Pattinson could be a part of The Flash film though that will depend on the popularity of The Batman. Check out how Randolph outlines the thought process here. 

Now, this is all in a state of flux and these things are constantly changing for the studio. Randolph mentions as much in the cast of Robert Pattinson considering the studio will take a wait-and-see approach to determine if his film is actually marketable and the character has staying power. If that’s the case then there seems to be little issue in adding him to some cameo appearance in The Flash to make sure the overall universe is interlocked. Though that much remains to be seen. 

Robert Pattinson meeting Ezra Miller’s Flash is an exciting prospect though would definitely introduce some confusion to the DC timeline. That’s because this version of Barry Allen just got done hanging out with Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne/ Batman in the last Justice League film. Plus, there was word that Michael Keaton was set to reprise the Bruce Wayne/ Batman role in the film as well. That’s a lot of Bruce’s possibly showing up on screen in the same film and what happens with continued changes in casting around a central character. 

robert pattinson batman

Again, all of this remains to be seen and would likely only happen if this version of Robert Pattinson is a success on the big screen. If the first trailers can be believed, Matt Reeves’s upcoming The Batman, is set to take a much darker turn for the character. The story appears to be set at the outset of Bruce Wayne coming up as Batman as will feature an ensemble cast of villains for him to contend with. It looks much more stripped down than other things we’ve seen in this universe and could be a cool pivot away from the more iconic versions we’ve seen. 

We were originally supposed to have Robert Pattinson up on the screen as Batman as early as this summer, but pandemic-related delays has pushed that timeline back until next spring. Now, the release date for The Batman is set for March 2022. Considering the release for The Flash is set for November 2022 there will be time to evaluate the first movie and decide is Pattinson is going to be part of the proceedings going forward.