Freddy Krueger’s Robert Englund Is In Stranger Things Season 4

By Rick Gonzales | 7 months ago

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Look out Hawkins, Freddy Krueger is coming to town. Yes, the Nightmare on Elm Street horror legend Robert Englund is one of eight new cast additions to Season 4 of Stranger Things.

The horror legend joins the cast as Victor Creel and is being described as “a disturbed and intimidating man who is imprisoned in a psychiatric hospital for a gruesome murder in the 1950s.” This description most definitely seems to be right in Englund’s wheelhouse, and there is no doubt fans of both the series and of Robert Englund will be thrilled by his addition. Not much more has been shared about Englund’s Victor Creel but fans of the show can rest assure if Englund is bring brought aboard, they have some wild plans for him.

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Another character joining season 4 is Peter Ballard, who will be played by Jamie Campbell Bower, known for roles in Twilight, Mortal Instruments, and Harry Potter. In what may be a role related to the one Robert Englund is playing, Ballard is “a caring man who works as an orderly at a psychiatric hospital.” His character is also “tired of the brutality he witnesses day after day.” From this description, Ballard may befriend Creel in the psychiatric hospital, and from there, who knows. On top of Bower coming on board as a new series regular, Stranger Things will also be adding Eduardo Franco (The Binge, Booksmart), and Joseph Quinn (Game of Thrones).

Stranger Things has not stopped with the big addition of Robert Englund and others. SPOILER ALERT. As season 3 ended, fans saw Hopper die. Right? Wasn’t he vaporized with the Russians? It definitely looked like that’s what happened. But then came the two-minute Stranger Things post-credits scene that took place in Kamchatka, Russia in what appears to be a secret Russian base. It shows two Russian guards walking through, with one stopping to open a cell. The other guard says, “No. Not the American.” Could it be? Could Hopper somehow be alive? All this is the long way of saying Tom Wlaschiha (Game of Thrones, Das Boot) will also be joining the cast as Dmitri, a Russian prison guard who befriends Hopper (of course, providing that it is Hopper in the cell). Nikola Djuricko (In the Land of Blood and Honey) is also joining the cast for the Russia bits as Yuri, a Russian smuggler.

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Hawkins will also see their population continue to grow in addition to Robert Englund’s appearance. Joseph Quinn (Catherine the Great, Overlord) comes to Hawkins as Eddie Munson, the ‘80s metalhead who will be the leader of the newly formed Hellfire Club. Munson is going to find himself smack dab in the middle of Hawkins’ new mystery.

In recurring roles, Sherman Augustus (Into the Badlands, Westworld) joins the cast as Lt. Colonel Sullivan, a no-nonsense soldier who believes that he knows just how to stop Hawkins evil once and for all. Mason Dye (The Goldbergs) will join in another recurring role as Jason Carver, a Hawkins sports star whose life comes apart as the Hawkins is threatened by the new evil that has come to town.

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With all the new characters coming aboard, what is going to happen with the main cast? Millie Bobby Brown, Winona Rider, Finn Wolfhard, and the rest of the crew are all expected to return as this new evil invades Hawkins. Perhaps it is this evil that brings the Byers back into town as at the end of season 3, they moved on and out of town. The addition, though, of Robert Englund as Creel is an exciting notion, one that brings hope of a great storyline for everyone’s favorite nightmare.