See Robert Downey Jr. As Star Wars Villain Grand Admiral Thrawn

By Drew Dietsch | 3 months ago

robery downey jr thrawn feature

Robert Downey Jr. has been heavily rumored to be joining the Star Wars universe for quite some time. That has led to many fans speculating exactly what role the former Tony Stark could be playing. Will it be an established character? Is it someone completely new? As of now, we don’t exactly know what role he will be playing, but there has been one character that we know is coming up in the Star Wars universe: Grand Admiral Thrawn. And that definitely seems like the kind of high-profile role the actor could be attracted to.

And now, we can actually see what Robert Downey Jr. might look like if he took on the fan-favorite role of Grand Admiral Thrawn. Star Wars fan and YouTuber StarQuarter decided to create a piece of art that imagines how the blockbuster star could fill out the uniform and blue skin of the villainous Thrawn. Take a look at the piece of artwork right here:

robert downey jr thrawn

We gotta say, Robert Downey Jr. cuts a pretty good figure as Grand Admiral Thrawn. He has the kind of poise and star power that is necessary for this kind of major role. Though some folks have been very adamant about seeing Benedict Cumberbatch in the role, we have to throw our support behind the former Iron Man. He not only looks great but the role of Thrawn would be something very different from his usually quippy and likable personality. It would be a cool way to subvert the audience’s expectations in regards to performance.

Would people be on board for that? Or do they only want to see Robert Downey Jr. as a personable character? Granted, part of the reason Grand Admiral Thrawn has remained a fan-favorite character is that he is a surprisingly cultured, calm, and intelligent villain. He does not often come across as gleefully malicious. In that way, he is somewhat “likable” as a villain. Could that be a reason for the former Marvel Cinematic Universe actor to take the role?

We know that Grand Admiral Thrawn is set to appear in the upcoming Disney+ series, Star Wars: Ahsoka. That show will star Rosario Dawson as the titular Jedi who is on a quest to find Thrawn. It is very likely that Disney wants to nab a notable actor for the main villain role. Getting Robert Downey Jr. would be a huge piece of casting news that could get even more people interested in the upcoming series.

grand admiral thrawn feature

We will simply have to wait and see if Robert Downey Jr. is even in contention for the role of Grand Admiral Thrawn or if he will end up joining the Star Wars universe at all. After seeing this piece of fan art, we are going to be keeping our fingers crossed that he will end up in the role. It will be very cool to see him go from the heroic Tony Stark to a prominent villain like Grand Admiral Thrawn. Hopefully, we can expect to hear some substantial news regarding the casting of this role.

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