Robert Downey Jr. Working On A Spin-Off Series For His Most Underrated Franchise

By James Brizuela | 1 month ago

robert downey jr.

It has been announced that Robert Downey Jr. is actively working on expanding the universe of Sherlock Holmes. On top of the third sequel being reported, there are now two spin-off series being eyed for release on HBO Max. Downey will serve as executive producer for these new shows along with his wife, Susan. The married power couple owns a production company called Team Downey, and they are also bringing along Lionel Wigram of Wigram Productions, who produced the first two Holmes films.

With how The Batman is being expanded upon in the form of two spin-off shows, it seems as if Sherlock Holmes will be copying that same formula. A series based on The Penguin and Arkham Asylum is meant to further expand what has already been shown in Matt Reeves’s version of The Batman. Now it appears as if the Sherlock Holmes universe will be going the same route, albeit by introducing brand-new characters that have not been shown yet. With these new series being produced, it could mean that we are meant to see them before Sherlock Holmes 3 is set to premiere. The new installment is currently in the pre-production stages, so it could mean that these new shows could serve as some tie-in exposition. Robert Downey Jr. working on them alongside his wife is fantastic.

robert downey jr.

It makes sense that the Sherlock Holmes universe would be expanded considering four novels and a staggering 56 short stories exist that are based on the character and his crime adventures. While both Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law have signed back on to appear in the third installment of the film franchise, there is no telling if they will appear in any way for these new spin-off shows. However, it would make sense considering RDJ is producing them and actively working on expanding the Sherlock Holmes universe himself. While fans have long been clamoring for a new entry into Sherlock Homes’ adventures, now everyone will be treated to so much more.

Dexter Fletcher is set to direct the third Sherlock Holmes film. Fletcher famously directed Eddie the Eagle and Rocketman. While he is currently busy filming the new AppleTV+ film, Ghosted, it has been reported he is committed to making Sherlock Holmes 3 with Robert Downey Jr., and that could mean that Downey could try and bring Fletcher over for the spin-off shows as well. If they are covering the material together already, it would make sense for him to direct some of the episodes for the HBO Max shows.

Robert Downey Jr. is also a busy man, though he has long expressed his want to continue the storyline of Sherlock Holmes. Both films garnered well over $500 million at the worldwide box office numbers. Expanding the universe makes sense. The characters from the spin-off shows are meant to appear in Sherlock Holmes 3, so hopefully, nothing delays the third installment further. It currently does not have a release date but it’s currently in the pre-production stages. This could be the film that Fletcher works on after finishing Ghosted.