Rob Zombie Shares A First Look At Grandpa For The Munsters Reboot

Rob Zombie has been sharing all kinds of updates for his reboot of The Munsters and the most recent one has a first look at Grandpa. It looks like the classic outfit from the original series.

By Doug Norrie | Published

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The Munsters is set to get a reboot soon with Rob Zombie leading the way for the new movie. The director has been sharing a number of different tidbits about the film over the last couple of weeks, giving something of a background look at what to expect when we visit 1313 Mockingbird Lane again. And in the latest reveal, we are getting a look at Grandpa Munster, this time behind-the-scenes with a glimpse into what happens to get these folks into character. 

The newest picture came from. Rob Zombie’s Instagram account where a lot of these Munsters’ tidbits and images are landing. In the photo we see Dan Roebuck getting into character. He’s at a fitting for his outfit for Grandpa Munster. While the makeup doesn’t at all match up with what we expect to see when this movie actually hits the big screen, the cloak and tuxedo are throwbacks to the original character for sure. Check out the newest look-in from Rob Zombie from The Munsters movie:

In the Rob Zombie The Munsters reboot, Dan Roebuck is taking over the part that was originally played by Al Lewis back in 1964 when the series first aired. Also in this updated cast is Jeff Daniel Phillips as Herman Munster (originally Fred Gwynne) and Sheri Moon Zombie as Lily Munster (originally Yvonne De Carlo). The story will follow the titular family as they seemingly adjust to life around humans that’s a bit difficult when one is of the monster ilk. The original series played on the comedic elements of an awkward group of characters who believe themselves to be a regular old family without the self-perception that they tend to stand out from the crown. They are monsters after all. 

Bringing on Rob Zombie to direct the film was an interesting choice that could mean The Munsters trends significantly darker than its predecessor. His background is much more in the horror vein with previous films including 3 From Hell, 31, and of course the Halloween reboot films and House of 1000 Corpses. This isn’t to say he doesn’t have some comedic sensibilities; it’s not all doom and goom and gore and guts with this guy. But this spin on The Munsters will almost definitely be darker than the original series that was campy, network fare through and through. 

The other reason to think that The Munsters will keep it very much in the family-friendly realm is that it will be streaming on NBC’s Peacock app. The film is set to debut sometime next fall on the streamer. It will come after numerous starts and stops when it came to rebooting the show in recent years. Mockingbird Lane seemed like it was headed to NBC about a decade ago, but was ultimately scrapped. And other names like Damon Wayans and Seth Meyers had been attached and rumored to possible reboots, but those never got off the ground. This Rob Zombie take looks like it is in its final stretch before filming though with the core cast announced and some early looks at the set