Rob Zombie Reveals An Essential Actor From The Original Munsters Will Be In His Reboot

Rob Zombie has been offering up plenty of details for The Munsters reboot, and one of those is a big announcement about one of the original characters.

By James Brizuela | Published

the munsters reboot

News of the highly anticipated reboot of The Munsters has been trickling in, mostly given by Rob Zombie and his wife. Once again, a huge reveal has been made via the Instagram page from Mr. Zombie. The musician and director have revealed that one of the most important actresses from the original show will make her way into the reboot. Who is that actress? None other than Pat Priest. Priest portrayed the only “normal” looking person in the Munster family, Marilyn Munster. You can see the announcement below:

Apparently, there had been rumors that Pat Priest was going to appear in some fashion for the Munsters reboot, and now it has been confirmed by Rob Zombie himself. How is Pat Priest going to appear in the reboot has yet to be revealed, however? She is another on the list of growing horror icons that will appear in the film. It had been revealed that Cassandra Peterson would also be involved in the reboot. For those who are not familiar with her actual name, Peterson is Elvira aka Mistress of the Dark. She recently divulged her role to Variety, claiming it is something that she is not used to playing at all. There are likely to be many more horror icons as the reboot gets closer to being released. Zombie is a huge fan of the horror genre and has involved his entire directing career in that genre.

Pat Priest returning in The Munsters reboot is certainly interesting, considering she is now an older woman. She obviously cannot portray the young and non-monster-looking Marilyn any longer. Also, since this is a reboot, it stands to reason that she will not be portraying the same character. However, it would be hilarious if Rob Zombie worked her into the script as Marilyn anyway. If no one else in the film commented on her being an older woman, that would be hilarious. She might just be playing an oddball character though, much like Cassandra Peterson is. Another interesting thing of note is The Munsters reboot is a PG-rated film. Zombie is clearly keeping with the theme of the original show and going against his normal R-rated features. However, The Munsters was also a series, so how he is shrinking this into one movie is going to be interesting. This could just be the first film in a series.

The Munsters is currently under the designation of “completed” although there is no release date yet. The hope is that we are going to be treated to a trailer soon. It is clearly hard to keep secrets in Hollywood, as internet sleuths are quick to find out details about secret cast announcements and much more. Though Rob Zombie claimed that Pat Priest joining the film was only a rumor, it was clearly time to reveal the real secret, otherwise, it might have been revealed by someone other than himself. Although the reboot is completed, we might not actually see it until the fall, for obvious Halloween reasons.