Rob Zombie Doesn’t Watch Halloween Movies Anymore

Rob Zombie recently said that he became burnt out from making horror films, admitting that he no longer watches Halloween movies.

By Douglas Helm | Published

While the most recent Halloween movie has fans pretty divided, Rob Zombie wouldn’t know because he doesn’t watch Halloween films anymore. According to Zombie’s recent social media activity, he admitted “I have no opinion on the new films. I haven’t seen them yet.”

Rob Zombie further clarified why he’s missed out on Blumhouse’s reboot trilogy saying “My experience with making my films was so insane it really burnt me out on Halloween.” Fair enough! It’s hard to imagine the pressure of making a movie in a franchise, especially when you’re following up on a classic like John Carpenter’s original Halloween.

Rob Zombie rebooted the Halloween franchise with a remake back in 2007 and finished out his duology with Halloween II. Zombie’s films were not very well-received, but the same could be said about the most recent entries to the franchise. While the Blumhouse reboot started off pretty strong with Halloween in 2018, the two follow-ups were both met with pretty harsh critical reception.

Overall, the Blumhouse films do generally have better reviews than the Rob Zombie Halloween films, but it seems like people are looking back on the Zombie films with a kinder eye now that there are some years behind them. Truthfully, there are definitely films in the Halloween franchise that are worse than Zombie’s efforts, and none of them have ever managed to live up to the John Carpenter original. We’ll have to see if Hollywood wants to keep making them after the negative reception for 2022’s Halloween Ends.

Halloween Kills

If you do want to check out the Halloween movies that Rob Zombie has missed out on, you’ll need to start out with the first movie in the reboot trilogy, Halloween, which came out in 2018. The David Gordon Green-directed Halloween featured Jamie Lee Curtis returning as Laurie Strode and was met with relatively warm reviews from both critics and fans alike. Things started to go downhill with Halloween Kills, which had fans and critics pretty divided.

2022’s Halloween Ends is definitely the worst-reviewed movie from the new trilogy, so it seems like Rob Zombie really isn’t missing out on too much. Fans were left fairly disappointed, but it was billed as Laurie Strode’s last stand. If you’re invested in the back-and-forth battle between Michael Myers and Strode, you may want to check out Halloween Ends just to get some final closure.

If you’re wanting something a little different, you could revisit Rob Zombie’s attempts at the Halloween franchise. His first film, 2007’s Halloween, featured Michael Myers breaking out to hunt down his younger sister Laurie. This film featured Tyler Mane as Michael Myers, Scout Taylor-Compton as Laurie Strode, and Malcolm McDowell as psychologist Dr. Samuel Loomis.

Rob Zombie would follow it up with Halloween II in 2009, which would round out his story for the franchise and bring Michael Myers back to hunt down Laurie again as he’s experiencing visions of his and Laurie’s dead mother. Since moving on from the Halloween franchise, Zombie has now moved on to directing and writing a reboot of The Munsters. The Munsters is now available on Netflix and stars Sheri Moon Zombie, Jeff Daniel Philips, Daniel Roebuck, Catherine Schell, Jorge Garcia, Sylvester McCoy, and more.