Ridley Scott’s Androids Promise More Action In Raised By Wolves Season 2 Trailer

By Tyler Pisapia | 2 seconds ago

ridley scott raised by wolves season 2

The trailer for the second season of the Ridley Scott produced science-fiction epic for HBO Max, Raised By Wolves, promises a lot more of the dark, tense spectacle that fans of the foreboding first season of have come to expect. Earlier this week, HBO Max debuted a trailer for season 2 of Raised By Wolves, offering fans their first glimpse at the series since its premiere in September of 2020. At the time, the show quickly became the highest-rated HBO Max original since the platform launched earlier that year. While it has since gone on to host a slew of other worthwhile originals, the streaming service never forgot what fans of the Ridley Scott show did for them and now it’s hoping to reward their dedication. 

The second season’s trailer promises a lot more of the artistry as well as the blending of science fiction and horror that Ridley Scott has been known for since Alien in 1979. For those unfamiliar, the show focuses on two androids, Mother and Father, who take charge of a group of six young on Kepler-22b, a small colony of human beings that survived an apocalyptic war on Earth that scattered them across space. As the androids seek to find their own humanity, they quickly learn how dangerous desperate human beings can be. This is especially true when zealous religion gets thrown into the mix. 

Ridley Scott signed on almost immediately to produce season 2 of Prisoners screenwriter Aaron Guzikowski’s hit science fiction show. According to the official plot synopsis for Raised by Wolves season 2, Mother (Amanda Collin) and Father (Abubakar Salim) will face new threats as they move their six children to an atheistic colony on Kepler 22b’s mysterious tropical zone. However, a new society means new political troubles. Meanwhile, they weren’t able to fully shake the religious zealotry that they escaped at the conclusion of season 1. 

Among the many threats they face in the season 2 trailer include human beings, some kind of plague and a giant snake that feels as though it’s plucked right from one of Ridley Scott’s other mind-bending, planet-hopping science-fiction adventure films. Fortunately, the show is doing more than just throwing the kitchen sink at its audience for season 2. According to an interview he did with Deadline, Aaron Guzikowski revealed that he began writing and planning out season 2 shortly after season 1 ended. That means that he had so much faith that the show would be the hit that it was and that Ridley Scott and the cast would want to return that he dedicated his time to get the ball rolling on the follow-up long before it was ever asked of him by HBO Max. 

Now, fans of the Ridley Scott-produced series who have waited more than a year to see what happens to the characters next are just a few weeks away from the show’s February 3 return date. Will their patience be rewarded with even more fantastic television? That remains to be seen. However, with some of the best creative and artistic minds in science fiction at the helm, it’s hard to imagine Raised by Wolves season 2 being a dud.