See Ridley Scott Curse Out a Journalist Who Compliments His Work

By Faith McKay | 15 seconds ago

ridley scott

Ridley Scott has been in the business for a long time. He’s known for movies like 1979’s Alien, 1982’s Blade Runner, and 2000’s Gladiator. This year, he’s releasing The Last Duel and House of Gucci. During his press tours, he is handling interviews in a very surprising and abrupt fashion. He’s definitely telling people how he sees things without holding back. Recently, he was doing interviews in Russia for The Last Duel alongside the movie’s star actress, Jodie Comer. The journalist dove into complimenting the movie’s realism, but did so by comparing it to other movies from Ridley Scott’s past work. The director then interrupted the journalist with some choice words.

Sensitive content warning. The clip below plays audio where Ridley Scott can be heard saying the same swear word several times.

The 13-second video is worth watching through a few times to catch everything happening with each person in it. There’s Ridley Scott, interrupting the journalist. Scott says, “Sir, fuck you. Fuck you. Thank you very much. Fuck you. Go fuck yourself, sir. Go on.” There’s the journalist himself, who starts this clip off by saying, “It’s a very realistic film. It looks more realistic than Kingdom of Heaven or Robin Hood if you’re talking about…” before he is interrupted. After Scott responds, the journalist just smiles. It’s unclear what he’s thinking in that moment. Was he caught off guard and the smile was his default while he processed what was just said to him? Did he think it was funny that Scott told him off?

The actress at Ridley Scott’s side is Jodie Comer, who co-starred with Adam Driver, Matt Damon, and Ben Affleck in The Last Duel. She almost looks bored during this exchange. It’s enough to make it seem like she’s grown tired of hearing Ridley Scott tell journalists off. Is this an everyday occurrence during the press tour? Is she listening to what her director is saying at this moment?

Then, of course, there’s a question of why Ridley Scott was offended by the journalist’s words. The interviewer was comparing The Last Duel to the 2005 movie Kingdom of Heaven and 2010 release Robin Hood. Both films have aspects of historical fiction. The interviewer said that this latest release did better than the past two in terms of what the interviewer considered realistic. The person who tweeted the clip suggested that realism and historical accuracy aren’t things that should be measured in fictional movies. This may be what Ridley Scott is sick of talking about. Another possibility is that the director, in general, may not like having his movies compared. Or he just doesn’t like compliments.

This isn’t the first time Ridley Scott has let his irritation show during a recent interview. The Last Duel has been a major box office flop. The film had a budget of $100 million. It’s currently estimated to have taken in $30 million at the global box office. While the movie had big names attached to it, audiences didn’t show up. The director is blaming Millenials for the failure. According to Ridley Scott, “I think what it boils down to — what we’ve got today [are] the audiences who were brought up on these fucking cellphones. The millennian [sic] do not ever want to be taught anything unless you’re told it on a cellphone.”

Since he has said that DC and Marvel movies are boring, it isn’t expected he’ll be working with those franchises any time soon. Despite his irritation with lots of people, Ridley Scott is continuing on with future projects. He is currently working on a series for Blade Runner.