New Rick And Morty Spinoff Series Actually Happening

By Charlene Badasie | 1 month ago

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Adult Swim has given a series order to Rick and Morty: The Anime. The brand new 10-episode adventure is currently in production and is set to debut on the adult-oriented nighttime programming block of Cartoon Network and HBO Max. The spinoff will serve as a standalone series while adapting the themes and events of the critically acclaimed flagship show.

Rick and Morty: The Anime will be helmed by Takashi Sano (of Tower of God fame). The director is no stranger to the animated sitcom, as he previously worked on the shorts, Rick and Morty vs. Genocider and Summer Meets God (Rick Meets Evil). The style of these anime specials was a hit with fans and has raked in over 10 million combined views across the network’s digital platforms.

Speaking about the Rick and Morty spin-off via TV Line, Sano said the multiverse-straddling exploits of Rick and the gang pose challenges to the family bond. But they always rise to the occasion. “It’s such a life-affirming sight, and Jerry is no exception,” the director said. He added that he feels honored to have the chance to tell a new story about this quirky, amazing family. And he hopes fans of the series will enjoy their adventures.

rick and morty the anime
Rick and Morty: The Anime

News of Rick and Morty: The Anime comes on the heels of Rob Schrab’s announcement that the flagship series writers have started work on the eighth season of the hit show. The season was confirmed as part of a long-term 2018 deal that ordered 70 new episodes which would run over an unspecified number of seasons. Since the anime spin-off is a standalone project, it probably doesn’t form part of the deal between creators, Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon, and WarnerMedia.

Viewers were first introduced to Rick and Morty when the off-beat comedy premiered in December 2013. The animated sitcom chronicles the misadventures of Rick Sanchez, a cynical mad scientist, and his fretful, good-hearted grandson Morty Smith. Together, the pair split their time between domestic life and inter-dimensional adventures. Justin Roiland lends his voice to the eponymous characters, while Chris Parnell, Spencer Grammer, and Sarah Chalke voice the rest of the characters.

Interestingly, Rick and Morty was created from a short animated Back to the Future parody movie, which Roiland developed for a short-film festival, co-founded by Harmon. Since its release, the show has received praise from fans and critics for its originality, creativity, and humor. The entire series holds an approval rating of 94% on review aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes.

Rick and Morty: The Anime does bring up some questions about how much progress has been made on the previously hyped spin-off. Announced in 2021, The Vindicators is slated for an unspecified release date this year and will consist of eight to ten episodes. According to IGN, the series will focus on Supernova, Vance Maxiumus, Alan Rails, Crocubot, and Noob Noob. These characters were previously seen on a Rick and Morty episode called Vindicators 3: The Return of Worldender. For now, audiences can catch up on the first five seasons of Rick and Morty which are available to stream on HBO Max.