Rick And Morty Season 6 Goes Die Hard In New Video

Season 6 is almost here!

By Matthew Creith | Published

rick and morty season 6

If it’s one thing Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland know, it’s how to bring about laughs through unconventional jokes and scenarios. The creators of Rick and Morty have provided audiences with an infinite number of hilarious situations over the course of five seasons. The upcoming Rick and Morty season 6 is set to debut on September 4th, and ahead of the scheduled premiere, Adult Swim has dropped the official trailer offering a preview of the sequences audiences should expect from a wild interdimensional adventure. The trailer is a treasure trove of delight for audiences that appreciate 1980s pop culture references.

The trailer uploaded to Adult Swim’s official YouTube account details Rick and Morty season 6 with science fiction hilarity and a nod to the 1988 action-adventure classic, Die Hard. As presented in the video clip, generational differences crop up when Summer (Spencer Grammer) admits to never seeing Die Hard since she is only 17 years old. Apparently, unlike most American households, Beth (Sarah Chalke) never played the movie during the holiday season. The trailer has been viewed more than 522,000 times since it dropped on the platform this morning. The Die Hard reference seems to be a take on the famous air duct sequences that made Bruce Willis’ John McClane an iconic action hero for the ages.

With Rick and Morty premiering the upcoming season 6 on Adult Swim next month, fans are most likely excited about the series returning for another go-around. According to a report by DeadlineRick and Morty is very popular, so much so that it became the number one comedy across all cable channels in the United States in 2017, 2019, and 2021 overall. The series was developed by Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland after Harmon’s other series, Community, was winding down its run and finally put to bed after six seasons. Coincidentally, The Wrap reported recently that actor Alison Brie shared the news that Community may be back for more dysfunction in the form of a movie, which the series teased for many years.

As Rick and Morty gets ready for their season 6 run, the series seems to be a winner, with critics and audiences alike. Rotten Tomatoes currently ranks the show with a 94% on its Tomatometer and an 87% Audience Score, which is an average ranking from all five seasons of the series so far. For its part in the pop culture conversation that Rick and Morty is known for, Die Hard has similar rankings from critics and fans. Often regarded as one of the greatest Christmas movies to ever grace the silver screen, Rotten Tomatoes lists Die Hard as Certified Fresh, with a 94% on its Tomatometer and a 94% on its Audience Score as well. Since both projects are equally beloved, it would make sense for Rick and Morty to reference the Bruce Willis vehicle he became best recognized for. Since Die Hard, Willis reprised the role in several sequels until his official retirement from acting earlier this year due to health concerns while battling aphasia.