See Richard Nixon Hunt JFK’s Killer In Darkly Hilarious Trailer

By Douglas Helm | 2 days ago


What if Richard Nixon decided to go in full-on detective mode to solve the mystery of who killed JFK? That’s the question that the new animated comedy film Nixed looks to answer. After the murder of JFK, Nixon is under the impression that the killers are going after him next in this film from Mike Davis. Check out the wild trailer for the movie below:

Impressively, Nixed was hand-animated by Mike Davis over the past four years. The animation definitely has a unique quality, with inspiration from Nixon-era political cartoons helping to inform the style. In addition to animating the movie himself, Mike Davis is also the writer and director. Richard Epcar and Rick Zieff are starring as John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon, respectively. As seen in the trailer, Nixon will come across a lot of famous figures in history, and the IMDb synopsis states that Nixon will be investigating a variety of suspects, including The CIA, The Mob, Texas Oilmen, Anti-Castro Cubans, the Russians, Civil rights foes, LBJ, J. Edgar Hoover, and Lee Harvey Oswald. Bill Clinton and Frank Sinatra even appear in the trailer.

It remains to be seen how Nixed will be distributed to the general public. The film has a premiere next week, on June 14 at the Annecy International Animation Film Festival. Depending on how well it does there, it might give Davis some extra support to find the distribution he needs to get the film released through more official, and profitable, channels. For now, Davis plans on launching NFTs later this year to help with the distribution funding. The profits from the NFTs will also be used to hire another voice actor for the project.

Nixed will be Mike Davis’s first project in quite a while. The writer/director is best known for the film Shoot Em Up, which starred Clive Owen as a man who delivers a woman’s baby during a shootout and then has to protect the baby from the opposing forces. The film also starred Monica Belluci and Paul Giamatti. David wrote and directed the film way back in 2007. Since then, he’s only worked on the video short Riding Shotgun in 2013. Riding Shotgun was another animated effort that was based on a graphic novel by Tracy Yardley. Even though 2013 was still a while ago, it definitely seems like Nixed has been a busy project for Davis. Undoubtedly, the four years he spent hand-animating Nixed took up a lot of his time.

We’ll likely just have to wait and see how much attention Nixed gets at its upcoming festival, and how much Davis can make off his NFT campaign before we learn about an official release date for the project. For now, the best glimpse we have is the trailer. If you’re looking for an alternate, and admittedly darkly silly take on the JFK assassination, this movie looks like it will be able to fill that niche. Stay tuned for more news about when we can see more of this film.