The Terrifying Supernatural Thriller On Netflix Starting With A Simple Snake Bite

By Steven Nelson | Published


In a world where desperation meets the supernatural, Rattlesnake unfurls a tale that grabs its audience by the throat and refuses to let go. Now streaming on Netflix, this psychological thriller, which premiered in 2019, masterfully mixes realism with elements of the surreal, challenging the boundaries of what a mother would do to save her child. 

As the clock ticks and the sands of time slip through rapidly, a dark and ominous debt hangs heavily, promising to test the limits of sacrifice and morality. Tune in to witness a gripping narrative where every second counts, and where the line between the mundane and the mystical becomes increasingly blurred.

Rattlesnake is a psychological thriller that released in 2019 and is now streaming on Netflix

​​In Rattlesnake, a heart-pounding Netflix thriller directed by Zak Hilditch, viewers are introduced to a terrifying supernatural narrative woven intricately with elements of suspense and horror. The story unfolds with Katrina (Carmen Ejogo), a single mother traveling across the country with her young daughter, Clara (Apollonia Pratt). 

Their journey takes a horrifying turn when Clara is bitten by a venomous rattlesnake in the middle of the desert. In her desperate search for help, Katrina encounters a mysterious woman who miraculously heals Clara, but not without a chilling price.

The savior, a mystical figure seemingly not of this world, demands that Katrina repay the life debt by taking another life before sunset, essentially invoking the age-old moral dilemma of “an eye for an eye.” What follows is a gut-wrenching moral ordeal, where Katrina finds herself wrestling with the ticking clock and her own conscience. As time runs out, she finds herself plunged deeper into a dark and supernatural world, where the boundaries of right and wrong become increasingly muddled. 

The suspense builds to a fever pitch as Katrina wrestles with the unimaginable task at hand: to save her daughter, she must become a killer herself. Through intense narrative arcs and unforeseen twists, Rattlesnake portrays a desperate race against time where the stakes are life and death, questioning how far one can stretch their moral boundaries when the life of a loved one hangs in the balance.

Comparing Rattlesnake to other snake-centric horror movies, it stands out as a film that uses the snake more as a symbolic entity than a focal point of the horror itself. In many snake-related films, the creatures are the central antagonists, representing a very tangible and physical threat.

Snakes on a Plane or Anaconda leverage the natural fear and revulsion that many have towards snakes, utilizing them as the literal enemy

Movies like Snakes on a Plane or Anaconda leverage the natural fear and revulsion that many have towards snakes, utilizing them as the literal enemy, showcasing their physical attributes and predatory nature to craft a narrative around survival and confrontation.


On the other hand, Rattlesnake utilizes the snake as more of a symbolic entity, a catalyst that triggers a dark and morally complex narrative. The snake bite serves as an initiation into a horrifying moral dilemma where the true horror is derived from the psychological and supernatural elements of the plot, rather than the physical threat posed by the snake. This makes the movie lean more towards a psychological thriller with elements of the supernatural, rather than a creature-feature horror film.

Furthermore, where most snake horror movies play on the primal fear of the creatures, employing scenes of grotesque imagery and violence, Rattlesnake navigates the terrifying realms of moral ambiguity and the supernatural.

 It explores the horrifying journey of a mother forced to compromise her moral compass for the love of her child, a theme that is deeper and more psychological compared to the more straightforward survival horror narratives in other snake movies.

Thus, while Rattlesnake may not offer the same kind of visceral, edge-of-your-seat horror that other snake movies provide, it brings to the table a more nuanced, thought-provoking kind of terror, one that explores the darkness of the human soul when pushed to its limits, setting it apart in the genre and offering a fresh perspective on snake-related horror.


In a landscape inundated with creature-centric horror flicks, Rattlesnake takes a distinct path that intertwines the realms of psychological thriller and supernatural horror. As it explores the haunting terrains of moral dilemmas and eerie repercussions, it offers audiences an experience that goes beyond the fear of the serpentine creature, delving into a terror that is more rooted in human decisions and the eerie consequences they can entail. 

While it may not cater to the conventional expectations of a snake horror movie, it successfully carves out its niche, offering a thought-provoking, if not entirely terrifying, excursion into the darker corners of human morality and desperation. Try out Rattlesnake for yourself with it streaming on Netflix.