See The Office’s Rainn Wilson As Marvel’s Wolverine

Bears. Beets. Beating up Hand ninjas.

By Vic Medina | Published

rainn wilson the office

Surely, in some corner of the multiverse, The Office actor Rainn Wilson donned the adamantium claws and played Marvel’s Wolverine in an X-Men film. That universe probably didn’t have a Hugh Jackman in it, but if that’s ever been your fantasy fan-casting, then thank artist BossLogic for giving us a taste of what Wilson would look like in the role. The Photoshop wizard, aka Australian graphic designer Kode Abdo, posted his fan art of Wilson as the Marvel hero on social media for Labor Day, and it quickly went viral.

Posted with the caption “Perfection doesn’t exis…….,” the image superimposes Rainn Wilson’s head on Hugh Jackman’s body, and is accented with an X-Men fanny pack, a nod to his Office alter-ego. As ScreenRant reported, the internet was decidedly split on the artwork, with some loving the idea, and others hating it more than Michael Scott hated Toby Flenderson. BossLogic even had fun with it, trolling one critic who insisted he delete the image.

Rainn Wilson may be best known for his comedic roles, but he is much more than just Dwight Schrute, German descended beet farmer-turned-assistant to the regional manager of a mid-size paper company in northeastern Pennsylvania. In the almost ten years since the final episode of The Office aired, Wilson has taken on a number of roles, with his most impressive performances coming in dramatic projects. While he may not be physically right for the role of Logan, there is likely a Marvel character out there that he is perfect for. Before you dismiss the idea, remember that when Michael Keaton was cast as Batman for Tim Burton’s landmark film, fans mocked the decision, as Keaton was known only for comedic roles in movies like Mr. Mom and Beetlejuice. Who’s to say Wilson couldn’t pull off a superhero role as well? As the responses to the art show, a number of people were on board with the idea.

The recent AMC series Dark Winds featured Rainn Wilson in a pivotal role, as Devoted Dan, a car salesman who gets mixed up in a bank heist on a Navajo reservation in the 1970s. Although it had comedic elements, Wilson proved he could hold his own in a dramatic series. He had also recently appeared in the Amazon Prime Video series Utopia, a sci-fi tale about a pandemic and a conspiracy that threatens mankind, which actually premiered during the COVID pandemic lockdown. Wilson turned in a great performance, proving he could handle roles across the acting spectrum. Among his upcoming projects is the upcoming Roku Channel original film Weird: The Al Yankovic Story, in which he plays Dr. Demento. It premieres in November on the streaming service.

BossLogic also included the hashtag #D23 with the Rainn Wilson artwork, referencing the upcoming D23 Expo in Anaheim, California this weekend. The event usually features announcements of upcoming Disney films, including Marvel projects, and there have been strong rumors circulating that we might see an X-Men announcement at the event, including casting. Internet speculation has run wild as to who could play Wolverine in an upcoming film, and that likely prompted BossLogic to create the fan art. While we will likely never see Rainn Wilson play Wolverine, there are plenty of characters in the Marvel universe whose shoes he could easily fill.