See Rachel Weisz As Creepy Sexy Twins In Remake Of A Horror Classic

Rachel Weisz stars in Dead Ringers, an Amazon series reimagining the David Cronenberg classic.

By TeeJay Small | Updated

rachel weisz black widow

Amazon Prime Video has just released the latest trailer for Dead Ringers, a remake of the 1988 David Cronenberg horror thriller of the same name, via YouTube. The series is set to arrive on April 21st, with Rachel Weisz portraying both main characters, a set of twin gynecologists Beverly and Elliott Mantle, as they perform a series of increasingly unethical and unhinged experiments in the field of fertility. The fast-paced trailer already touts over 1.6 million views and teases performances from Severance‘s Michael Chernus and Better Call Saul‘s Michael McKean.

According to the trailer description, the series is set to be a modern retelling of David Cronenberg’s trippy body horror, in which Jeremy Irons portrays both twins. Rachel Weisz is perhaps best known for her roles in films such as 1999’s The Mummy, The Lobster, and Marvel’s Black Widow. According to IMDb, Dead Ringers will be the second time Weisz has portrayed twin characters, after starring alongside Keanu Reeves in 2005’s Constantine as Angela and Isabel Dodson.

The original film stars Jeremy Irons in duel roles as the Mantle gynecologists, as they indulge in a host of highly unethical practices. The trailer for the upcoming series has a number of shots displaying lambs floating in vats and mad fertility science, likely referencing newfound cloning technology which Rachel Weisz’s Mantle sisters may utilize to create life from sterile patients. This is further suggested by voiceover narration suggesting the twins are attempting to play god by toying with the fabric of modern science, raising a number of ethical concerns.

Rachel Weisz in The Mummy

The trailer has already amassed a number of jovial comments, excitedly anticipating Rachel Weisz’s performance as the twins, with several key moments teased in the trailer providing a look into the similarities and differences from the 1988 original. The directing team for the six-episode season features such talent as Sean Durkin, Lauren Wolkstein, frequent Drake music video collaborator Karena Evans, and Yellowjackets director Karyn Kusama. The series seeks to focus heavily on women’s health and medical care, which has been an incredibly hot topic in the news in the past year.

Dead Ringers will surely reinvigorate Rachel Weisz’s status as a household name, with two additional projects in active production soon to follow. One of which, Seance on a Wet Afternoon, is helmed by Tomas Alfredson and touts only Weisz on the current IMDb casting page. The other project, Love Child, is written and directed by Todd Solondz and seeks to reunite Rachel Weisz with her The Lobster co-star, Colin Farrell.

With all six episodes of Dead Ringers streaming on April 21 on Amazon Prime Video, many fans are already on the edge of their seat, patiently awaiting the tour de force duel performance. Rachel Weisz has not appeared in a film since 2021’s Black Widow, making Dead Ringers something of a return from a brief hiatus. For fans hoping to get more of the esteemed actress in their viewing rotation, our hopes have been answered, as we’re sure to see double when the Mantle sisters appear on the screen.