The Original Princess Leia Dress Is Being Sold For An Unbelievable Amount

Princess Leia's dress, worn at the end of Star Wars: A New Hope, is up for sale at an auction.

By Phillip Moyer | Updated

Star Wars fans have a golden opportunity to own an iconic costume from the original trilogy — provided, of course, that they’re millionaires. The iconic white dress worn by Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia is being sold as part of an entertainment memorabilia live auction this June. According to Hollywood Reporter, the auction house expects to sell the outfit for more than $2 million.

The outfit, which Princess Leia wore in the final scene of the original Star Wars, is believed to be the character’s only costume from the original film that has survived to this day. The looser-fitting costume that she wore in the opening scene and on the Death Star has been lost.

The surviving Leia dress, created by British costume designer John Mollo, has reportedly spent the past 45 years in a plastic bag in London. While most of the other costumes were reportedly thrown away after Star Wars finished filming, a sentimental member of the Star Wars crew kept Leia’s dress as a memento. It was reportedly worn once at a costume party, but was stored away after it had food, wine, and blood spilled on it.

Thankfully for Star Wars collectors, the dress has now been restored, with no sign of the unfortunate misadventure. The process of restoring the silk dress to its original state reportedly took ten months and cost thousands of dollars.

Carrie Fisher
The dress that didn’t survive the last 45 years

The iconic Star Wars costume is just one of over 1,400 items that will be sold through Propstore, the company running the auction. While the majority of the items up for sale have not yet been revealed, a few choice selections — including this dress and the Batpod from the Dark Knight trilogy — have been featured on Propstore’s website.

A costume worn by Carrie Fisher’s Star Wars co-star Harrison Ford will also be sold at the auction, though it won’t be one from his iconic Star Wars role. Rather, the suit that Ford wore as Richard Decker in Blade Runner will also go up for sale. While Blade Runner is certainly a well-known film, the costume won’t fetch nearly as high of a price — the auction house only expects to make between $80 and $160,000 for the outfit.

Other than the Star Wars prop, items featured in the catalog include the board game from the original Jumanji, a Gremlin puppet from the 1984 film Gremlins, and the rock hammer used by Andy Dufresne in the 1994 classic The Shawshank Redemption. The auction will include more costumes, such as General Maximus’ Curiass from Gladiator, Harry Potter‘s uniform from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, and Rose’s dress at the end of Titanic.

The full catalog won’t be available to the public until June 1, though those who register for the auction are offered the chance for an early look at all 1,400 items. Interested collectors can also sign up for an early in-person preview of the items up for sale. The preview, which is by appointment only, will be held from May 29 to June 20. 

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