See The Original Power Rangers Cast Return In The Ridiculous Once & Always Trailer

The Power Rangers are set to make an exciting return in the upcoming standalone special, titled Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Once & Always, for Netflix.

By Chad Langen | Updated

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The Power Rangers are set to make an exciting return in the upcoming standalone special, titled Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Once & Always, for Netflix. The new special, which serves to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the hit television series, is scheduled to premiere on the streaming service on April 19th. With that release date being right around the corner, Netflix has taken to social media to share the first trailer for the special, which is absolutely oozing with nostalgia.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Once & Always reunites several cast members from the franchise’s earliest seasons, including David Yost (Billy Cranston, the Blue Ranger) and Walter E. Jones (Zack Taylor, the Black Ranger). Additionally, Steven Horvitz and Barbara Goodson reprise their roles as Alpha 5 and the villainous Rita Repulsa, respectively. Johnny Yong Bosch’s second Black Ranger, Adam Park, and Karan Ashley’s second Yellow Ranger, Aisha Campbell, also appear in the film.

Although details surrounding the plot in the upcoming reunion special have been kept under wraps, the new trailer has given us an idea of what to expect when it lands next month. The story takes place thirty years after Zordon formed the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. The team of beloved heroes reunites to save the world from a familiar threat.

Going off the trailer, the new special looks to be packed with unapologetically cheesy fight scenes and corny dialogue, which is exactly what longtime fans expect from a Power Rangers feature. Of course, the footage features some bittersweet moments as well, including a glimpse of the Green Ranger. The beloved character was originally played by Jason David Frank, who tragically passed away last year.

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The trailer also introduces us to a new character, Minh Kwan (Charlie Kersh), who’s the daughter of Yellow Ranger Trini Kwan. The character was played by Thuy Trang in the original series, but the young actress died in a car accident in 2001. The creators opted to write in Trini’s death, with Kersh’s Minh revealing that Rita Repulsa murdered her mother.

Knowing that Charlie Haskell directed Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Once & Always should bring longtime fans some comfort. Haskell has directed dozens of episodes in the franchise, including episodes of Power Rangers Ninja Storm and Power Rangers Dino Fury. Additionally, writers Becca Barnes and Alywn Dale have penned several episodes of various Power Rangers series.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers first aired in 1993 on Fox and quickly became a cultural phenomenon. The show was praised for its diverse cast and its messages of teamwork, friendship, and standing up for what’s right. The show’s popularity spawned several spin-offs, including Ninja Steel, Dino Thunder, and Beast Morphers.

Beyond the television shows, the Power Rangers franchise has been developed into movies, video games, and even theme park attractions. With the excitement the first trailer for the upcoming Netflix special has generated, the franchise’s fan base is clearly as strong as ever. Per IMDb, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Once & Always will consist of two parts, with both scheduled to drop on April 19th.