Popular 90s Magical Fantasy Anime Is Coming Back For A New Generation

By Em Helena | Published

The classic 90s manga turned anime Magic Knight Rayearth will soon be re-adapted for a new generation. Launching in celebration of the beloved anime’s 30th anniversary, fans were just recently made aware of plans for this new installment

The original Magic Knight Rayearth anime aired from October 17, 1994, to November 27, 1995. The anime consisted of 49 episodes spanning over two seasons. Later on, in 1997 a three-part OVA simply titled Rayearth was released in Japan following the conclusion of the manga and anime.

The Return Of Magic Knight Rayearth

The Magic Knight Rayearth reboot, which is currently untitled, was announced in a short video uploaded by TMS Entertainment’s YouTube channel. Not much information was given on the timeline or specifics of the project, and it was mainly just concept art backed by a new theme song. The biggest piece of information we can conclude from this announcement is that TMS Entertainment, one of Japan’s oldest and most renowned animation studios, will have its hands on the Magic Knight Rayearth reboot.

A Magical Girl Isekai Mecha Classic

Sourced from CLAMP’s (an all-female Japanese manga artist group) manga of the same name, the original Magic Knight Rayearth follows three eighth-grade girls and the trials and tribulations they face after being drawn into a fantasy world on a field trip. The anime uniquely falls into a mix of the magical girl, mecha, and Isekai genres, and fans hold hope that this carries over into the new adaptation. 

The Original Is Available On Streaming

For anime fans who did not watch the original Magic Knight Rayearth as it came out, have no fear! Nostalgia is not the only source of motivation to watch, for fans of more recent magical girl animes like Precure or Isekai animes like Sword Art Online, this reboot will certainly appeal to you and just might end up jumping on your watch list.

The original Magic Knight Rayearth is currently available to stream on a variety of platforms, including Crunchyroll. If the news of the new reboot inspired some nostalgia or piqued your interest, feel free to go check it out in preparation for the release of the new adaptation. 

No Official Release Date Yet

Aside from the clip uploaded by TMS, no additional commentary has been made about the Magic Knight Rayearth reboot. Any “leaked” release dates currently circulating on social media are merely speculation and should be taken with a grain of salt. Future official updates about the Magic Knight Rayearth reboot will most likely be announced exclusively by TMG Entertainment.

The New Trend Of Old Anime

Until then, get out there and stream the original or read the manga! If you’ve already done both, check out other popular titles by the original publisher CLAMP, such as Cardcaptor Sakura (1996) or xxxHolic (2003). If you’re simply interested in old animes given a recent facelift, then check out TMS’ Fruits Basket (2019) or the 2011 reboot of Hunter x Hunter

Patience for the release of the Magic Knight Rayearth reboot will be hard to maintain. However, we look forward to new updates from TMS Entertainment and hope for more insider looks into the revamped world of Magic Knight Rayearth.