Exclusive: Planet Of The Apes 4 Plot Revealed

By Nathan Kamal | Published

planet of the apes 4

War for the Planet of the Apes came out all the way back in 2017 and concluded the most recent reboot of the venerable ape franchise with the death of Andy Serkis’ Caesar, the chimpanzee who led the revolt against humankind. While the death of the central character of a trilogy would typically signify the end of a series, that has never been the case for this particular convoluted franchise. According to our trusted and proven sources, Planet of the Apes 4 is not only in development but now has a plot. Here’s what we know about the upcoming sequel so far:

From what we are told, Planet of the Apes 4 will follow a young chimpanzee named Noa of the Eagle Clan. From context, we can gather that the movie will take place quite some time after the death of Caesar, with apes having developed a kind of feudal society of warring clans and at least a tenuous truce with the remnants of humanity. Noa is described as a “rule-follower” shaped by the lore and tradition of his clan. He is on the edge of adulthood and upon returning for a rite of passage in which he must bring an eagle’s egg back to his home, discovers that his clan has been attacked, his father killed, and his people enslaved. 

It is probably not looking too deeply into things to imagine that the name of the Planet of the Apes 4 protagonist being Noa may be a reference to the Biblical Noah, who famously was called upon to save the animals from a terrible calamity. After all, this is a series that previously focused on an ape named after one of the most famous conquerors of history fighting against humankind. As it turns out Planet of the Apes 4 will have a new caesar, the leader of the maruading apes who destroyed the Eagle Clan.

From the description we have, the antagonist of Planet of the Apes 4 is named Proximus Caesar and is a cunning and authoritative warlord seeking to consolidate the ape clans under his leadership. It also sounds like he is well aware of the past and deliberately uses the name and teachings of the original Caesar for his own personal benefit, as well as seeking to use the abandoned technology of the humans to build his empire. 

It also sounds like Planet of the Apes 4 will include a human faction that are treated more like pests than rivals for ape dominance, with Noa having a human companion named Mae. Mae seems to be vying for Noa’s loyalty against Proximus Caesar, but there is a reason why it is called Planet of the Apes and it’s not because humans win out. Planet of the Apes 4 will reportedly be directed by Wes Ball (who previously directed the Maze Runner series) and has previously been announced to be co-written by Ball and Josh Friedman. This new Planet of the Apes film sounds like a hero’s journey-style narrative, which will be an interesting new direction for the franchise. We will keep updating with more details on Planet of the Apes 4 as we find them.