Pixar Actually Considering Rebooting Two Classics

By Douglas Helm | Updated

After a string of recent disappointments, Pixar is looking to possibly reboot some old favorites to reignite the box office. The animation studio is reportedly looking at reboots for The Incredibles and Finding Nemo franchises, both of which were huge critical and commercial successes. The question is, do audiences actually want this to happen?

Milking The Incredibles For Another Go Around

The reports about these potential Pixar reboots don’t go into any detail as to what the films would look like. It’s unclear if they’re simply wanting to do some new sequels for the franchises or if they’re looking for a new reboot altogether that follows new characters set in the same universe. Both franchises have already received sequels with The Incredibles 2 and Finding Dory.

Finding Large Stacks Of Cash

The Incredibles 2 ended up being the highest box office gross for Pixar of all time, bringing in over $1.2 billion worldwide, while Finding Dory also outperformed its predecessor by pulling in over $1 billion.

It’s safe to say that these are two of Pixar’s most successful franchises with ticket sales alone, not to mention the merchandise and other revenue streams the properties bring in. With box office numbers like those, it’s not hard to see why Pixar is looking to reboot them somehow.

A Lot Is Riding On Inside Out 2

In the meantime, Pixar is about to find out if sequels and reboots are the path forward, as the studio’s next big release will be Inside Out 2. The film once again follows Riley, now a teenager, as she deals with new emotions like ennui, nostalgia, anxiety, and envy.

In the expansive Bloomberg article about the company’s future plans, Pixar President Jim Morris said,  “With a sequel, if you put something out there that doesn’t have the goods, then you will be punished for it,” adding, “Having had the doldrums we did, it will certainly be a good test with Inside Out 2 for us to see: Does this stuff still work, or does it not?”

Elemental Proved Pixar Still Has The Magic Touch

If Inside Out 2 can recreate some of the magic, both commercially and critically, as the first film, it seems that Pixar will be emboldened to move forward with these sequel plans. Pixar is clearly looking to do something new, as its last two theatrical efforts failed to live up to expectations. Lightyear ended up being a flop, and Elemental, while eventually doing ok at the box office, wasn’t well-received by audiences or critics.

Toy Story Is Inevitable

Out of all the Pixar franchises, The Incredibles and Finding Nemo seem like some of the safest bets for reboot territory. Of course, the Toy Story franchise is always reliable too, as evidenced by the fact Pixar already has Toy Story 5 in the works. However, it does seem like an easy out for the slightly struggling animation studio, and not the creative boundary-pushing that it became known for.

Inside Out 2 Looks Amazing

Inside Out 2 is already getting quite a bit of hype. The trailer became the biggest animated launch trailer in Disney history, with over 157 million views within the first 24 hours of its posting. This shows fans are excited about the film’s June 14 release. We’ll have to wait and see if the potential success of that film leads to Pixar going the full reboot route.