Pirates of the Caribbean Spinoff Starring Ryan Reynolds?

By Drew Dietsch | 7 months ago

ryan reynolds pirates of the caribbean feature

Pirates of the Caribbean has been one of the most successful movie franchises for Disney in recent years. They clearly want to continue the series, but it is sounding like they want to find a new direction for the story and characters. And if a new rumor is to be believed, they might have found a leading man that could kick off a brand new spinoff to the worldwide blockbuster property.

According to insider Daniel Richtman, Disney is starting to look at Ryan Reynolds for a role that would anchor a brand new spinoff to the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. Reynolds is in high demand right now, with rumors abounding about what major projects he might be involved in next. Some rumors seem very far-fetched, but others sound like a good possibility. In fact, this isn’t the first rumor we’ve heard about Ryan Reynolds being attached to a big Disney property. Could the Mouse House be courting him for multiple blockbusters?

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It makes sense to find a new direction for the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. After five films, the current iteration of the property seems to have run its course. Not to mention that lead actor Johnny Depp might be too expensive to afford at this point. There have been rumblings of a very particular direction to take this new movie, and if that idea is true, it would be interesting to see how Ryan Reynolds would factor into such a movie.

There is a big question to be asked here: will audiences be on-board with a Pirates of the Caribbean movie that doesn’t focus on Jack Sparrow? The character became the figurehead of the series and one of Johnny Depp’s most memorable performances. Fans and mainstream audiences were excited to see Depp’s drunken shenanigans in each movie, but that seems to have reached its limit. Would audiences be as interested in a new Pirates movie if Jack Sparrow isn’t in it at all?

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That certainly leaves another theory on the table: would Johnny Depp appear in a new Pirates of the Caribbean movie as a cameo? For a lot of fans, Jack Sparrow is the mascot of the series. Not having him at all would feel sacrilegious to those viewers. Having him pop in for a single day’s worth of shooting to film a fun cameo could scratch that itch and also act as a passing of the torch to new characters. Or, it could be used as a potential teaser for Jack Sparrow to return in a future movie with a more substantial role.

Either way, it sounds like Disney wants to do something with Pirates of the Caribbean and that Ryan Reynolds could be involved. We hope that whatever direction the franchise takes is one that feels fresh and inventive. The franchise has tons of potential for fun, horror-tinged ideas and swashbuckling adventure. If they are able to land someone as charismatic and funny a Ryan Reynolds, maybe we won’t even miss Jack Sparrow and his predilection for rum.