Exclusive: Pierce Brosnan Cast In Star Wars Series, Might Be Playing Grand Admiral Thrawn

By Nathan Kamal | 1 hour ago

Pierce Brosnan star wars

Lucasfilm has been ramping up the production of Star Wars content to hyperspeed in recent years and accordingly, has been bringing in more and more recognizable names to a galaxy far far away. The announcement of a whole slew of Disney+ shows has led to further announcements of castings, and according to our trusted and proven sources, legendary actor Pierce Brosnan has been cast on an upcoming Star Wars series. Furthermore, it seems very likely that Pierce Brosnan has been cast as one of the all-time fan-favorite Star Wars villains: Grand Admiral Thrawn. 

grand admiral thrawn feature

Pierce Brosnan starring as Star Wars’ most artistically-minded battle commander has been a popular fan casting for some years now. At some point, the sheer fandom desire for the former James Bond actor to portray Grand Admiral Thrawn that people were seeing his face in Star Wars Celebration murals. Granted, that particular artwork did look a fair amount like Pierce Brosnan as a blue-skinned Star Wars alien, but when a character’s primary visual characteristics are jet black hair and glowing red eyes, they can look like almost anyone. 

But Lucasfilm (and their all-powerful parent company Disney) are not so foolish as to ignore fandom, especially when they basically do the job of a casting agent for free. Pierce Brosnan would be a welcome addition to any franchise, so Star Wars is wise to snatch him up. Since departing the 007 franchise, Brosnan has also developed an impressive gravitas (sometimes aided by awesome facial hair), so a role as pivotal and stately as Thrawn could be just the thing for him.

However, it is not at all certain that Pierce Brosnan has been cast in Star Wars as Grand Admiral Thrawn. The character has been hinted to be introduced to the current Star Wars canon at some point, with Rosario Dawson’s Ahsoka Tano making veiled references to an admiral that seems to be being set up as an antagonist in her upcoming solo series. However, Ray Stevenson has also been cast as an unnamed villainous Admiral in that series, so it is difficult to say where they might be going with that. It is not at all out of the realm of possibility that Ray Stevenson’s casting is essentially a misdirect to hide the fact that Thrawn is on his way. At least, that is what we are hoping for. 

Whether or not Pierce Brosnan is being introduced to Star Wars as Thrawn, it seems all but certain the character will be showing up eventually. After Disney made the controversial decision to render all non-original trilogy Star Wars lore to be non-canon after purchasing Lucasfilm from George Lucas, they seem to have now settled on using the many, many animated series, comics, books, and video games as raw material for their new content. There is a strong possibility that we will see Pierce Brosnan as Thrawn sometime soon, but we are also going to make a controversial guess and suggest: Joruus C’Baoth? Take a look at that Doctor Fate beard and say it couldn’t happen.