Finally See Pierce Brosnan As A Reigning King In The Trailer For The Fantasy Blockbuster He Filmed In 2014

By Faith McKay | 2 months ago

pierce brosnan

Once upon a time, Pierce Brosnan filmed a fantasy romance movie. Just before it was meant to be released, it tested terribly with audiences. They did not like the visual effects used to create the story’s mermaid. The studio pulled the movie from release. The expectation was that the mermaid would be fixed and the film would be rescheduled. That was in 2015. Now, all these years later, The King’s Daughter has been scheduled for a release at the start of 2022, and the movie has just dropped its first trailer.

See Pierce Brosnan in The King’s Daughter below. You’ll catch your first glimpse of the mermaid at the 0:03 time stamp, but it’s quick!

The film sees Pierce Brosnan as King Louis XIV. He is shown favoring his illegitimate daughter, who he praises and prizes. However, she is unaware that the king has captured a mermaid. He is keeping it captive and using its life force in his own quest for immortality. When his daughter discovers the mermaid, and his choices, she turns on him.

Interestingly, the Pierce Brosnan movie is based on the book The Moon and the Sun by Vonda N. McIntyre. The novel came out in 1997. It won a Nebula Award, beating out George R.R. Martin’s Game of Thrones for the honor. While it was popular enough to earn that award and is now finally being made into a film, before the story was a novel, the author had written a script. In 1994, they tried to find a studio for the movie The Moon and the Sun only to be turned down, and thus decided to write the novel.

It’s unknown why studio executives turned down the script for The Moon and the Sun in its first take. It’s possible that the story improve when it became a novel. It seems likely though that budget may have been a factor. The fantasy elements in the new movie with Pierce Brosnan were difficult for Paramount to handle in 2014/2015. A script for a movie with mermaids in 1994 may have seemed like too much to take on.

pierce brosnan king's daughter

The Pierce Brosnan movie was originally handled by Paramount. Filming ended in May 2014. The movie has gained new life thanks to Gravitas Ventures. While not featured in the trailer, Julie Andrews narrates the film. The all-star cast joining Pierce Brosnan includes William Hurt, Pablo Schreiber, Kaya Scodelario, and Rachel Griffiths.

The King’s Daughter has been a long time coming. Considering that the novelist wanted to see it made in 1994, it’s an especially long time. In the meanwhile, actor Pierce Brosnan has not been sitting around waiting. He’s kept himself quite busy with his acting career. He was recently seen in an adaptation of Cinderella on Amazon Prime. DC fans will soon see him opposite Dwayne Johnson in Black Adam. The iconic actor is playing Dr. Fate in the film. Audiences will be able to see him in the role when Black Adam releases in movie theaters on July 29, 2022.