Pedros Pascal’s New Photos From The Last Of Us Tease Unexpected Parts From The Game

By Carolyn Jenkins | 13 seconds ago

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Filming has begun on The Last of Us and many are desperate for clues of how the new Pedro Pascal show will be adapted. The show is using practical filming locations, which allowed set photos to be leaked. Those photos are giving fans a look at the sets, and reveal to players of the game some surprises for what may be happening in the show.

The first video shows star Pedro Pascal with his co-stars filming scenes near stables.

This may seem like an innocent image, but a lot is happening here. Fans of the game know that this location is meaningful not so much for the first The Last of Us game, but for The Last of Us 2. In the second game Ellie (played by Bella Ramsey in the adaptation) is much older and patrols with Joel (Pedro Pascal). They do this on horseback which is where the horse stables come in. This seems to be an early sign that the show could be covering events not just in the first game but in the second one as well. More photos of the actors at the stables were taken by other sources as well.

Gamers know that the The Last of Us 2 has a dramatic conclusion, one that could mean big territory for the show if they are headed in that direction. While it’s true that the series appears to be covering content from the game, it’s unknown how much of that content from the story will be covered. The most recent game in the franchise has been heralded as a beautiful game with a 93 Metascore. The game demonstrated the toxicity of revenge and many of the characters end up alone.

This paragraph contains spoilers for the game The Last Of Us 2, and possibly the series if it follows that content. If the show goes in the way of the games, Pedro Pascal’s Joel would not be long for this world. It is one of the underlying tragedies of the game that contribute to its heartbreaking themes. Ellie spends the rest of the game battling with the idea of revenge and she sees it impact her negatively. With Pascal’s stellar acting career, Joel should stick around at least for a little while.

Fans were elated when Pedro Pascal was cast in the adaptation of the popular game franchise The Last of Us. Pascal will be playing lead character Joel, which many consider to be exciting casting. He is joined by Bella Ramsey who will be playing Joel’s surrogate daughter Ellie. Ramsey is most recognized for her role as Lyanna Mormont in HBO’s Game of Thrones, a show Pedro Pascal had also worked on.

Pedro Pascal has been hitting all of the relevant series that have been offered to him. He has worked consistently since the 90’s but a definitive move in his career was being cast as Oberyn Martell in the fourth season of Game of Thrones. That was another heartbreaking role. Oberyn does not last long in that series either. Desperate to wreak revenge for his sister’s assault and murder, Oberyn becomes Tyrion’s champion against The Mountain. Although Oberyn gets away with poisoning The Mountain, Oberyn is brutally killed in one of the most graphic scenes to date.

Pedro Pascal has also reached significant success through Disney. He portrays Din Djarin as the titular role in The Mandalorian. He demonstrates great emotional depth in the series as he attempts to protect Grogu otherwise known as The Child. The actor was a part of acclaimed show Narcos. His career does not seem to be slowing down. Fans can watch Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey portray their favorite characters when The Last of Us premieres on HBO in 2022.