Pedro Pascal Wants To Join A Surprising Nicolas Cage Sequel And It’s An Amazing Idea

By Douglas Helm | 4 weeks ago

pedro pascal

The release of Nic Cage and Pedro Pascal’s The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent is just around the corner and fans are waiting with bated breath to check out the action-comedy. In the meantime, Pascal and Cage are doing the press rounds and giving us some interesting tidbits in the meantime. Namely, Pascal would be more than down to reunite with Cage for a sequel to the 1997 action film Face/Off.

Face/Off is a beloved Nicholas Cage and John Travolta film from the late 90s. The action-packed story follows Travolta’s FBI agent Sean Archer and Nic Cage’s terrorist Castor Troy. After Troy seemingly dies in a plane crash, Archer undergoes reconstructive face replacement surgery to get close to Troy’s brother and find information about a bomb. After waking from a coma, Troy finds out and undergoes the same surgery to get revenge on Archer. With a sequel to the movie supposedly in the works, it would be great to see Pedro Pascal in a supporting role.

face/off 2 nicolas cage

Pedro Pascal revealed his love for the original and his willingness to join the sequel project in an interview with GQ. He mentioned his love for the 80s Cage movies along with his love for Leaving Las Vegas and Face/Off in the 90s and said, “All of that is to say yes: I would like to be a part of Face/Off 2.” Nicholas Cage himself is seemingly ready to do a sequel too. He recently had a very fun Reddit AMA where a fan asked if he would do Face/Off 2, to which he replied with a simple “Yes.” In another part of the AMA, Cage’s response to a fan revealed that Face/Off is his favorite action movie and that he credits the success and quality of the movie to director John Woo, along with the fact that Travolta and Cage would watch each other’s dailies to learn the other actor’s mannerisms and voice.

Clearly, a lot of love went into the original Face/Off which is what has made it such an enduring fan favorite. It was revealed last year that Adam Wingard, director of Godzilla vs King Kong, would be heading up a sequel, but further details of the movie have been scarce. However, if you’re making the original movie and you have one of the lead actors interested, along with a popular actor like Pedro Pascal, it seems like a good move to get them on board.

While we wait for more news on Face/Off 2, there’s a Nic Cage and Pedro Pascal movie to look forward to much sooner. The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent has Nic Cage playing a financially strapped version of himself who agrees to a $1 million gig to attend a superfan’s birthday (Pascal). However, this dangerous fan is a target of the CIA, and Cage is recruited by an agent (Tiffany Hadish) to help them and live up to the legend of Nic Cage. You can check out the critically acclaimed The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent on April 22.