See Pedro Pascal Hunt Down The Newest Saturday Night Live Cast Member

Pedro Pascal is hosting Saturday Night Live this weekend and stars in a fun teaser video paying homage to The Last Of Us.

By Jonathan Klotz | Published

pedro pascal

Pedro Pascal is starring in two of the biggest series airing today, The Last of Us and The Mandalorian, but soon he’ll take on his biggest role yet. The dramatic actor will soon host Saturday Night Live, and in celebration, the sketch comedy show released a strange video. In the brief hype video Pascal is seen hunting down a Clicker that’s loose on the set but it takes a weird turn.

Picking up where he left from filming The Last of Us, Pedro Pascal grabs a hammer and hunts down the lone Clicker, just before finding out he’s the newest cast member. Molly Kearny and Sarah Sherman, two of the current cast members for the show’s 48th season, stop Pascal before he brutally murders Mikey. The whole video is silly and purposely cheesy, including the concept of a Clicker as a cast member, then again, a fungal-zombie might break less during their own skits than Jimmy Fallon.

This will be the first time Pedro Pascal has hosted the comedy show and while it’s out of the actor’s typical wheelhouse, doing comedy isn’t unheard of for the versatile star. Last year he starred alongside Nicolas Cage in the meta-comedy The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent as Javi, the eccentric billionaire paying for the legendary actor to attend his birthday party. Somehow the CIA gets involved and there’s a whole subplot devoted to the majesty of Paddington 2.

Pedro Pascal has been on a career high for the past few years that most actors never get to experience in their entire life. Ever since donning the helmet in The Mandalorian, he’s been hailed as the savior of the Star Wars franchise. Unlike actors in the past that insisted on showing their face Pascal famously kept true to the character and only removed his helmet twice.

pedro pascal unbearable weight of massive talent
Pedro Pascal in The Unbearable Weight Of Massive Talent

That dedication to the story and what would be true to the character is likely what helped Pedro Pascal be cast in the role of Joel in The Last of Us. Based off of the hit video game series, HBO’s latest blockbuster is setting records and has generated buzz for the network not seen since Game of Thrones went off the air. Amazingly, the Chilean actor also had a famous part in the fantasy series, playing “The Red Viper” Oberyn Martell, mortal enemy of The Mountain.

While Pedro Pascal is one of the most in-demand actors in history at the moment, the show he’s hosting this weekend is beyond its best days. Saturday Night Live has been on the air for nearly 50 years and has been a cultural touchstone for nearly as long. As with any long-running show fans always tend to view the seasons that aired when they first discovered it as the best.

With one of the biggest stars on the planet in Pedro Pascal and the award-winning band Coldplay as the musical guest, Saturday Night Live is likely to continue gaining relevance in the era of social media. Hopefully Pascal’s episode proves to be as successful as Aubrey Plaza and Sam Smith’s time among the Not Ready For Primetime Players.