Pedro Pascal And David Harbour Cast In New HBO Series

Pascal and Harbour team up!

By Britta DeVore | Published

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Pedro Pascal and David Harbour have been tapped to star in a dramatized telling of a true crime story in the form of a limited series for HBO. The two will star opposite one another in the project which is hailing from Steve Conrad (Patriot, Perpetual Grace) titled My Dentist’s Murder Trial. Conrad pulled parts of the story from a 2017 New Yorker article by James Lasdun titled My Dentist’s Murder Trial: Adultery, false identities, and a lethal sedation

My Dentist’s Murder Trial will tell the story of Dr. Gilberto Nunez, a dentist who in 2015 was brought in by law enforcement on charges of killing his friend, Thomas Kolman. The accusations stated that Nunez murdered Kolman by forcing him to “ingest a substance” that eventually led to his death. As the story further unraveled, it was discovered that not only did Nunez commit forgery, in one case even going so far as to pose as a C.I.A. agent, but that he was also having a long running affair with Linda Koman, Thomas’ wife. Eventually, in 2018, Nunez would find himself in a courtroom where a jury found him guilty on fraud charges, but not on the murder charges. He would end up in state prison only to serve 19 months out of what could have been a seven-year sentence. Pedro Pascal has been revealed to be playing the role of Dr. Nunez, but it’s unclear as to what Harbour’s role will be. The probability is that it’s between the victim, Thomas Kolman, or the original author, James Lasdun, whose family were clients of Nunez’s dentistry practice. 

In the recent months, both Pedro Pascal and David Harbour have been keeping themselves busy and satiating their fantasy based fandom with new seasons of both of their starring projects. At the end of 2020, we received the second season of the Pascal starring series, The Mandalorian. The latest installment of the space western saw Pascal’s titular character blasting his way to the farthest reaching areas of the galaxy and reuniting with everyone’s favorite character – the Child. Fans will need to wait several more months to see what happens on the third season of the Disney+ and Star Wars breakout hit as the next chapter won’t hit screens until February 2023. 

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David Harbour in Stranger Things

Like Pedro Pascal, David Harbour is also keeping fans on the edge with what will be the fifth and final season of his Netflix backed show, Stranger Things. Over the last four seasons, fans have found themselves incredibly drawn to Harbour’s Jim Hopper, the sarcastic and grumpy police chief of Hawkins, Indiana who has done his best to protect our favorite group of rowdy teens as they try to save the town from the evil forces of the Upside Down. The latest season found itself to be one of the biggest hits the streamer has ever had on its hands, leading its creators, the Duffer Brothers, to speed ahead with the process of bringing a follow up sometime in the near future. As of right now, no further information, including a release date, has been revealed for My Dentist’s Murder Trial.