A Paul Rudd Comedy Is Coming To Netflix This Week

By James Brizuela | 13 seconds ago

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Paul Rudd is one of the most beloved actors in all of Hollywood. He is widely accepted in whatever role he chooses to take on, and has even been voted “Sexiest Man Alive” by PEOPLE for 2021. A feat achieved by his long-standing younger looks, even though he is currently 52 years old. Now, one of Paul Rudd’s best films is set to hit Netflix on January 1st. I Love You, Man is arguably one of Rudd’s funniest films. Rudd plays Peter Klaven, a romantic man who has had his hands full with attempting to make friends with some guys when his wife and her friends make fun of him for always being the person who has no guy friends to “pal” around with.

I Love You, Man has the aesthetic of a Judd Apatow film but was written and directed by John Hamburg. Hamburg is a writer that is famous for comedies like Along Came Polly, Why Him? and Little Fockers. Paul Rudd is joined by fellow comedian, Jason Segel. Rashida Jones, Jaime Pressly, Jon Favreau, J.K. Simmons, and Andy Samberg help round out this hilarious ensemble cast that perpetuates the struggles that Peter (Paul Rudd) has in making friends with people. Fans of any of the actors listed would do well to watch the film on Netflix.

One of the most genius things about I Love You, Man is the pure acting ability that exists from Paul Rudd. He is able to capture the feelings of social awkwardness to a high degree. One scene, in particular, comes to mind when Peter Klaven has his mother set him up on a meet-up with a man. Peter believes this meeting is to make a friend but doesn’t realize the man he sits across from is actually a date. They both attempt to make comments about a waitress walking by, but the comments are clearly awkward for both men. Peter is then kissed by his date, leaving him wondering what just happened and a lengthy discussion with his fiance who tastes cigarettes when they kiss.

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Jason Segel also helps to add even more hilarity with his own brand of comedic acting, in which all his friends have moved on in their lives. They no longer have time for the “normal” partying that used to happen. No one has the time to go out and drink until they pass out anymore. Segel’s portrayal of “free spirit” Sydney Fife leads to a wonderfully hilarious partnership with Peter Klaven. Sydney attempts to show Peter the finer art of letting loose by jamming in his “man cave” and allowing his small dog to poop anywhere without cleaning it up. Paul Rudd and Jason Segel work so well together on screen.

According to Rotten Tomatoes, I Love You, Man has an 83% rating from critics. That rating is good enough to keep it as “certified fresh.” The audience score is a healthy 74%. Some people just might not be comfortable with Paul Rudd’s ability to make everyone feel socially uncomfortable. Even if you haven’t seen it yet, this film is sure to bring in a ton more fans when it hits Netflix in less than a week.

I Love You, Man opened to a $17.8 million weekend, making it the number two film in 2009. The film stayed in the top ten for five weeks and remained at #27 overall in the films released that year. The total worldwide box office numbers were $93.4 million. The budget was $40 million, so doubling the amount in which it costs to make made the film a success. There is a reason why this Paul Rudd-led comedy continues to return to Netflix. It’s truly funny.

The famed Roger Ebert had this to say about the film: “I Love You, Man is, above all, just plain funny. It’s funny with some dumb physical humor, yes, and some gross-out jokes apparently necessary to all buddy movies, but also funny in observations, dialogue, physical behavior and Sydney Fife’s observations as a people-watcher. I heard a lot of real laughter from a preview audience, not the perfunctory laughter at manufactured payoffs. You feel good watching the movie. That’s what comedies are for, right?”

This accurate review came with 3 1/2 stars, which is pretty impressive for a comedy. Paul Rudd truly shines in this film. I Love You, Man is set to hit Netflix on January 1st.