See Paul Dano As Riddler In The Batman

By Doug Norrie | 5 months ago

paul dano

Paul Dano is about to make a major turn as a villain in an upcoming movie though there’s been a great deal of speculation and mystery about what he’ll look like. He’s been cast as The Riddler in the upcoming film The Batman, but throughout the lead up to the film, Dano’s character has been the one conspicuously (mostly) absent from just about everything in terms of promotional material. There’s been a glimpse here and there, but mostly shadowy and grainy footage. We might have finally caught our first head-on look at the puzzle-posing character. And it’s not in the place you’d think. It seems our sighting of The Riddler is on the packaging of a soda bottle

Mountain Dew is working with The Batman movie on promotional material and one of those things is a soda flavor called Riddler’s Brew. On the label for the soda, a purple and green theme, is Paul Dano’s The Riddler hanging out off to the side in the shadows. But we can see certain parts of the get up. It appears he’s hooded with a purple mask and green glasses/goggles. His entire face is hidden and ominous. Check it out below:

The previous screenshot of Paul Dano as The Riddler had been in a brief moment in The Batman trailer. This latest look at him on the Mountain Dew confirms the look, but does add a little more detail and color to the get up. He almost looks bandaged, shrouded from head to to in material. Here’s that one previous sighting of the character:

Paul Dano Riddler The Batman

Of course, It’s a far cry from the traditional Riddler get up, one we’ve known for years both on-screen and in the comic book pages. Those versions were of the neon-green variety, sometimes in the full question mark suit. Typically he came in a sillier style that mirrored the jokes and puzzles thrown out there to stymie Batman. Paul Dano is taking the character in a totally different direction. 

The Batman, with Robert Pattison starring in the titular role, is directed by Matt Reeves and looks like it will bring a whole new tone to the franchise. From the trailer, the movie has an incredibly dark feel and will feature a number of characters (all with new looks) from the Batman universe. Colin Farrell brings a whole new look to Oswald Cobblepot/ The Penguin and Zoe Kravitz is a new take on Catwoman. The Joker isn’t going to come around in this film though will reportedly show up later in the franchise. For now, the main antagonist is going to be Paul Dano’s Riddler. It could be a very grim turn.

It’s going to be some time before we are able to fully see Paul Dano as The Riddler. Originally slated for a summer 2021 release, The Batman was pushed back to March 4, 2022, because of pandemic-related theater closings. So for now, your best chance to catch the character is on a bottle of pop.