Paul Bettany’s Return As Vision In WandaVision Has A Release Date

By Drew Dietsch | 6 months ago

vision paul bettany

Paul Bettany will finally be returning as the artificial lifeform Vision in the upcoming Disney+ streaming series WandaVision. Fans have been eagerly waiting to find out when the show is going to be releasing, and we finally have an official release date from the Mouse House.

Marvel Studios dropped a brief new teaser on their official Twitter account, and it also revealed when the Paul Bettany/Elizabeth Olsen series will land on the streaming service Disney+. Check out the tease and the release date right here:

It looks like we will finally get to see Paul Bettany resurrected as Vision on January 15. That will make 2020 the first year to not have any Marvel Cinematic Universe projects in release since 2009. Many fans speculated that Disney was going to drop WandaVision in December to take advantage of the holiday season. However, it is likely that those plans were scrapped once Pixar’s Soul decided to skip theaters and premiere on Disney+. That film is set to debut on Christmas Day, so Disney is probably hoping that will be their big holiday watch for families.

And while it stinks that we will have to wait even longer to see Paul Bettany back as Vision, it is probably a good idea to push WandaVision to January. The show looks like it might be surprisingly darker than audiences might expect from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. you can watch the trailer for the show below and it definitely feels like it is going to be a much more oppressive, strange, and unnerving entry in the biggest superhero franchise of all time.

WandaVision is going to be one of the biggest experiments for the Marvel Cinematic Universe so far. While they have had television series like Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Agent Carter, and the many Netflix shows, none of them have felt crucial to the larger canon of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The shows on Disney+ are aiming to change that. Having Paul Bettany be brought back to life in WandaVision is a strong mission statement that these series will be as important as the blockbuster films.

And bringing back Paul Bettany is not the only major event that will happen in WandaVision. It has pretty much been confirmed that this Disney+ show will be our first real look at the multiverse in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. There have been tons of reports that the next phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe will heavily draw upon the idea of the multiverse, and WandaVision will be our very first peek at what kind of shenanigans are in store with this wild storytelling device.

We here at Giant Freakin Robot simply cannot wait for WandaVision to premiere on Disney+. The show looks to be a genuine curveball from the Marvel Cinematic Universe and unlike anything we have seen from mainstream superhero cinema in general. It is going to be great to see Paul Bettany back as Vision and to see whatever unpredictable future lies in store for the once dead Avenger.