See Pat Sajak Try To Bodyslam A Contestant At The End Of Wheel Of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak tried to wrestle a contestant to the ground after discovering he was a professional wrestler.

By Charlene Badasie | Updated

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Longtime Wheel of Fortune host Pay Sajak attempted to wrestle a contestant to the ground at the end of a recent series installment. While it might seem like a strange move, it made sense in the context of the episode. At the start of the game show, Fred revealed that while he served as a drama teacher during the day, his side hustles included professional wrestling.

Fred admitted that his wrestling gigs don’t pay much, so he does it for fun. The revelation prompted a bizarre reaction from Pat Sajak, who had been contemplating some sort of wrestling move throughout the episode. “Because he’s a professional wrestler, you want me to body-slam him for you?” the 76-year-old host asked the other contestants.

When Fred eventually won a cash prize of $75,800 for solving a series of puzzles, Pat Sajak tried to put the contestant in a headlock. Fans reacted to the strange with a flurry of comments and posts across social media. “What was with Pat at the end?” one person wrote.

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Wheel of Fortune has been a beloved game show for decades. And while it’s known for its challenging puzzles and enthusiastic contestants, it’s also had its fair share of bizarre moments involving Pat Sajak. From off-the-cuff remarks to unexpected mishaps, the most memorable strange moments from the show’s history include the host leaving the set.

The incident occurred in February 2022 when an elementary school teacher named Bree Yokouchi won $121,638 in cash and prizes. When she solved the last puzzle correctly, Pat Sajak was so stunned that he tossed his cue cards and walked off stage. “I’m outta here,” he joked.

“That’s it. I’m through.” A few seconds later, he returned to celebrate with the winner, noting her victory was impressive.

A month later, Pat Sajak slammed a contestant’s story during the player introductions, causing quite a stir among game show fans. According to Yahoo! Entertainment, the incident took place during contestant Scott Ingwersen’s interview. But before he could share his story, the host read his note cards and was not impressed.

“Why am I mentioning this?” Pat Sajak asked. “It’s on your card. You had your big toe chopped off. Why are you telling me this?” Ingwersen explained how he lacerated part of his foot in a speed bike accident when he was 12. The contestant added that he was helped by the occupants of a passing vehicle, who happened to be paramedics.

“I didn’t know what that was, so it freaked me out even more,” Ingwersen continued. “My toe is reattached, and I just want to thank them 30 years later.” When the audience applauded, Pat Sajak shushed them and described the story as the most pointless thing ever told. “And you told it, Scott. Congratulations to you,” the host added.

Despite these bizarre moments involving Pat Sajak, Wheel of Fortune remains one of America’s favorite game shows. It has entertained audiences for decades with its unique format and challenging puzzles. Fans eagerly tune in each week to see if they can solve the puzzles before the contestants do.