Paris Hilton Tried To Make Cooking Sexy, Now She’s Being Cancelled

By Tyler Pisapia | 4 months ago

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It seems that Paris Hilton’s Netflix cooking show was… not that hot. It’s been confirmed that the streaming giant has decided not to renew the predictably chaotic Cooking with Paris TV series for a second season after debuting in August to surprisingly high ratings for the platform. Deadline reports that the Paris Hilton-led cooking show briefly cracked Netflix’s daily Top 10 rankings when it premiered. 

However, it seems that wasn’t enough of a milestone to keep the streaming service interested in bringing Paris Hilton and her famous friends back for another round of recipes in her over-the-top kitchen. For those unfamiliar, Cooking With Paris saw Paris Hilton joined by guests such as Kim Kardashian West, Nikki Glaser, Demi Lovato, Saweetie, Lele Pons, and Kathy and Nicky Hilton as they tried their best to follow recipes for large meals as well as decadent desserts.

However, in true Paris Hilton fashion, things often went awry as her very opulent and highly glammed-up outfits proved not conducive to good, TV-ready cooking. In addition, she would often have very Paris Hilton-centric utensils such as a sparkly Swarovski crystal-covered spatula, which she recently told Entertainment Weekly was her favorite kitchen utensil because… well, of course it is. 

However, despite turning in at launch to see what the hell was going on with this show, The Daily Beast notes that many viewers complained that Cooking with Paris was incredibly overproduced and took the Simple Life star’s already hammy persona and made it somehow feel even more “forced.” In addition, the singer and reality star doesn’t exactly have a refined pallet, so the dishes were often simple and uncreative yet somehow still impossible for her to make a worthwhile finished product out of. As a result, the show neither scratched the itch of cooking fans nor Paris Hilton fans.

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So, what happens when you basically make a show for no one? Well, it goes the way of Cooking with Paris and doesn’t get a second season. That said, Paris Hilton isn’t exactly out of work. TV Insider reports that she can still be seen on her Peacock original reality TV series Paris In Love, which details her engagement and subsequent wedding to author, venture capitalist and entrepreneur, Carter Reum.

While the show promises a behind-the-scenes look at the process of planning and the execution of her incredibly lavish wedding, the affair was such a big event that very little was left to the imagination. People reported at the time of the nuptials in November that dozens of celebrity friends were in attendance at her ceremony and even more turned out for the next two days of partying and events all dedicated to celebrating Paris Hilton’s relationship and marriage. So, with everything public and Instagram official, one wonders what ground Paris In Love can cover? In addition to Paris In Love, Paris Hilton also has a podcast called This Is Paris in which she invites friends and family to chat with her about the ins and outs of pop culture in a way that only the Simple Life personality can.