Pamela Anderson Is Returning To Television In A Shocking Way

Pamela Anderson will host a new show on Food Network Canada titled Pamela's Cooking With Love.

By Zack Zagranis | Updated

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Pamela Anderson continues her comeback with a new cooking show for Food Network Canada. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the former Baywatch star will host Pamela’s Cooking With Love for the Canadian network. Pamela’s Cooking With Love follows the recent Netflix documentary on Anderson, Pamela, a love story, and the release of the star’s memoir Love, Pamela.

Corus Studios commissioned eight episodes of Pamela’s Cooking With Love. The series will follow Anderson as she works with different chefs to develop plant-based cuisine for her friends and family. The cooking show will be filmed at Pamela’s Canadian west coast abode.

The new show will be the second series produced by Fireworks Media Group, tailor-made for Pamela Anderson. The production company previously collaborated with Anderson for Pamela’s Garden of Eden. Eden, a show about home renovation, proved successful enough to nab a second season of eight episodes.

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Anderson is back in the spotlight lately after laying relatively low for many years following her heyday in the ’90s/’00s. Pamela’s impressive output of memoirs, documentaries, and reality shows could be seen as an attempt to regain control of her own narrative following Hulu’s salacious Pam & Tommy series.

Pam & Tommy was released last year without Anderson’s blessing, much to the star’s embarrassment and ire. The controversial series seems to have lit a fire under Pamela, leading the Canadian sex symbol to experience something of a Pamaissance. Pamela’s Cooking With Love will be just the latest in the Barbed Wire star’s string of upcoming projects.

The announcement of the cooking series is a welcome positive when compared to Pamela’s other recent news stories. An excerpt from Anderson’s new memoir Love, Pamela claims that actor Tim Allen flashed the young star on her first day on the Home Improvement set. Allen denies the allegations.

Pamela first rose to fame posing for Playboy and playing Tim’s eye candy assistant on Home Improvement. Anderson’s role as lifeguard CJ Parker on Baywatch made her a household name. Pamela Anderson was the dominant sex symbol for most of the ’90s and into the ’00s.

Almost as famous as Anderson herself were the Stripperella star’s volatile relationships and the controversies that sprung from them. Pamela’s marriage to Tommy Lee led to a sex tape scandal that was the genesis for the Pam & Tommy Hulu series. Then there was Anderson’s much-publicized relationship with Kid Rock.

Another excerpt from Love, Pamela details the jealousy Rock displayed over Pamela’s cameo in the film Borat. Rock ruined a screening of the film by calling Anderson a “whore” and storming out. Allegedly, the “Bawitdaba” singer also destroyed a painting of Marilyn Monroe and Bert Stern, thinking it was Anderson and an ex.

Anderson is working hard these days to make sure that most people think of her as an author or home renovator first and a sex symbol second. Soon she’ll be able to add culinary superstar to the list. Pamela’s Cooking With Love will be filming at her Vancouver home throughout 2023. No word yet on when the show will debut or where it can be watched in the US.