Ozark Writer Making Biopic About The Best 90s Band

Ozark writer Chris Mundy is writing a biopic about the iconic nineties band Sublime.

By Joshua Jones | Published

The rock band Sublime is getting their own biopic. According to Deadline, Ozark writer Chris Mundy and Hunger Games director Francis Lawrence are teaming up to develop the project for Sony Pictures. Dave Kaplan of Surfdog/DKM and Peter Paterno of KHPS are the forces behind the project.

Sublime is the band behind some of the most iconic rock tunes of the 90s. Their first two albums-40oz. to Freedom and Robbin’ the Hood-became popular in the United States. Their single “What I Got” remains the band’s only #1 hit on the Billboard Alternative Songs chart.

Sublime is known for their laid-back approach to life, which reflects in their music. They were one of the popular bands in what was described as ska punk. The band’s music was often described as reggae rock.

Outside of the band’s accomplishments, the upcoming project sees the return of Francis Lawrence behind the directing chair. The director is currently in production for the prequel Hunger Games film, The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes for Lionsgate. It’s unknown when Lawrence will begin work on the Sublime biopic.

As for what the Sublime biopic will bring in terms of writing, the project has a five-time Emmy-nominated screenwriter supporting it. The Netflix series Ozark is regarded by fans and critics as one of the streamer’s best-produced shows. If Mundy can bring the same level of expertise and character to the Sublime biopic, it’ll definitely would be something worth paying attention to.

The cover to Sublime’s 1996 self-titled debut album.

A number of Sublime’s songs have been featured in various media. The band sold roughly 17 million copies worldwide, making them one of the most successful ska-punk acts of all time. As of 2022, 10 million of the band’s albums have sold in the U.S.

In 2009, the surviving members of Sublime attempted a comeback with young guitarist and fan Rome Ramirez. After performing at Cypress Hill’s Smoke Festival, a Los Angeles judge banned the new Sublime lineup from using the band’s original name. The judge ruled that they needed permission from the estate of Bradley Nowell, the band’s lead vocalist and guitar player who tragically died of a heroin overdose in 1996.

The tragic loss of Nowell ultimately led to the breakup of Sublime. One of the band’s managers, Jason Westfall, was quoted as saying that “just like Nirvana, Sublime died when Bradley died.” A number of posthumous albums were released following Nowell’s death.

In 2017, Nowell’s sister and father started the Nowell Family Foundation. The two also began Bradley’s House, which became a drug treatment facility for musicians in recovery. According to Deadline, Nowell’s wife and son will be involved in the project as executive producers.

Not much is known about the content of the biopic. Fans of Sublime hopefully will get to experience some of the band’s most famous tunes while watching the film. For those unfamiliar with Sublime, perhaps the biopic will introduce rock fans to ska punk and the band that helped bring it to the mainstream.

A release date for the Sublime biopic has yet to be announced.