An Overlooked Arnold Schwarzenegger Movie To Be Rebooted?

By Ross Bonaime | 5 months ago

Arnold Schwarzenegger Commando

Soon after Arnold Schwarzenegger became an 80s action star with movies like Conan the Barbarian and The Terminator, Schwarzenegger starred in 1985’s Commando. The film was a modest success, making $57 million worldwide, yet the film hasn’t remained as well-known as Schwarzenegger’s other major action films. But now, a new rumor suggests that Commando might be getting a reboot.

This comes from Daniel Richtman, who posted the rumor on his Patreon page, stating simply that a Commando reboot is in the works. Richtman doesn’t say where the news comes from, what proof there is that this is being discussed, nor if Arnold Schwarzenegger would even be involved. However, lately, Richtman seems to be throwing out all sorts of rumors tied to Schwarzenegger’s properties and possible remakes and sequels, so don’t hold your breath quite yet for a Commando reboot. 

While there’s no talk on the internet as of right now of a Commando reboot, the original film’s screenwriter Steven E. De Souza did talk about a sequel he wrote, which even received revisions from The Shawshank Redemption’s Frank Darabont. In the sequel, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s character Colonel John Matrix would have retired from the army and started running a security firm. However, he would discover that the firm was a cover for an illegal arms business.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Commando

Steven E. De Souza would go on to write such films as Die Hard, Judge Dredd, Street Fighter, and would reunite with Arnold Schwarzenegger for 1987’s The Running Man. There was even a rumor that Die Hard had started as a sequel to Commando, which De Souza stated was false, considering Die Hard was based on the book Nothing Lasts Forever from Roderick Thorp. Commando director Mark L. Lester has yet to make a film as popular as Commando, but has made such films as 1986’s Armed and Dangerous, Showdown in Little China starring Dolph Lundgren, and the 2013 horror film Poseidon Rex

Despite the fact that there doesn’t seem to be much evidence to Daniel Richtman’s rumor, another element that might make a Commando reboot unlikely is that the film was made by 20th Century Fox, which is now owned by Disney. While Disney has decided to reboot some of Fox’s biggest properties, like Home Alone, A Night at the Museum, and Alien, Commando isn’t exactly what you’d call a hot property. The film hasn’t left much of a footprint since its release in 1985, and Commando doesn’t seem like the type of brand that Disney would be interested in. Not to mention that under Disney, it’s extremely unlikely any reboot would involve Arnold Schwarzenegger, regardless of how essential he was to the original film.

Even though Commando has its fans, it seemed very unlikely that we will see a reboot from Disney any time soon. Commando just isn’t a major property, and take away Arnold Schwarzenegger from the equation and there’s nothing there but a rarely remembered movie name. Rebooting Commando doesn’t make much sense, and without Arnold Schwarzenegger, it makes even less sense.