See Oscar Isaac As A Fan-Favorite Version Of Moon Knight

By Michileen Martin | 3 months ago

oscar isaac

By now if you’ve followed any of the coverage of the upcoming Moon Knight series, then you know that Oscar Isaac will be playing a man with dissociative identity disorder (DID), once commonly called multiple personality disorder. Along with Marc Spector, Isaac will play the split personalities of Jake Lockley and Steven Grant. But what you may not know is that Spector’s condition not only fractures his civilian personality, but that of his superhero other. Along with the caped, hooded Moon Knight, there is the much more personable Mr. Knight, and Marvel just debuted a gorgeous new poster for the series with Mr. Knight taking center stage.

The new series poster showed up on the official Moon Knight twitter account on Tuesday, and it looks amazing. In the image, Oscar Isaac seems to be just about finishing suiting up as Mr. Knight, pulling on his glove. He has dark makeup on around his eyes where the mask’s eyeholes expose his skin. The chief visible difference between this look and that of the source material is the line of stitching that goes from the center of his skull all the way down to the bridge of his nose, and then veers off in a less linear pattern. It adds just a touch of sinister to the guy who’s supposed to be the friendlier version of Moon Knight. There’s also the fact that you can see Isaac’s eyes, rather than the glow that is usually present. You can see the tweet below, followed by a more complete look at the poster.

oscar isaac mr. knight moon knight

In the comics, while Moon Knight has enjoyed stints with teams like the Avengers, he is more often than not depicted as a vigilante along the lines of Daredevil, though with more supernatural connections than Hell’s Kitchen’s protector, and fewer compunctions about being brutal with his enemies. Starting with 2014’s Moon Knight #1, writer Warren Ellis and artist Declan Shavley introduced Mr. Knight as an intriguing and more public-friendly version of the hero. Mr. Knight runs a detective agency and actually acts as a consultant to the police.

We got our very first look at this version of the hero earlier in February, when Empire posted exclusive images, including the very first public image of Oscar Isaac as Mr. Knight. In the photo, unlike in the poster above, you can see Mr. Knight’s eyes glowing. You can see more of his white suit and he appears to be holding batons — no doubt about to express some of that brutality. You can see that image below, along with Mr. Knight co-creator Declan Shavley gushing over the image.

The more recent look at Mr. Knight coincides with the release of a new teaser, reminding fans that the premiere of Moon Knight on Disney+ is now less than a month away — Wednesday, March 30. At 12 seconds long, the teaser doesn’t have a lot of new footage to show us, though we do see Oscar Isaac freaking out as he sees the Moon Knight costume flash on and off his body, which seems a little new? You can watch that teaser below, and then if you haven’t already, make sure to mark your calendars for the premiere of this promising new series.