See Oscar Isaac’s Moon Knight Costume Revealed In Stunning New Close-Up Pic

By Doug Norrie | 3 months ago

oscar isaac moon knight trailer

Oscar Isaac is set to make quite the splash in the Marvel Cinematic Universe when Moon Knight finally hits Disney+ next month. From early looks at the series, we should have a much darker production on our hands, something more akin to a psychological thriller at least from the outset. And though the tone might trend a little on the scarier side, it sure looks like the stylizing around the character is completely on point. The early looks we’ve seen at the actual Moon Knight costume suggest a character that will surely work on both the small and maybe eventual, big screen. The latest image we got of Moon Knight really hammers that home with some of the finer details ironed out around the costume. 

On the cover of Empire Magazine, we see Oscar Isaac in the Moon Knight get up with a chance to see some of the more close-up details that haven’t been as easy to spot in some of the trailers. There’s definitely a bandaged effect, taken from the Egyptian roots of the character and the overall color scheme is in line with the comic books, though more washed out and subdued than other folks in the Marvel universe. That’s purposeful, with Moon Knight much more of the violent vigilante than we are used to seeing in the MCU. It all completely works. Check out the latest image: 

oscar isaac moon knight

And as pointed out in Empire, what might set Oscar Isaac and Moon Knight apart from other MCU characters and productions is that this one might trend much more mature than things we’ve seen in the past. There is blood on this guy’s knuckles, something mostly avoided up until this point especially when it comes to characters operating on a somewhat smaller scale. By early accounts, Moon Knight could begin a shift away from the (mostly) kid-friendly fare of the MCU. If Oscar Isaac as Moon Knight is willing to go the extra violent step in his dispatching of neer-do-wells, then the franchise as a whole might be at something of an inflection point. 

That much appears clear from some of the early trailers for Moon Knight which feature Oscar Isaac clearly dealing with significant psychological issues. He makes a point to say that he’s having trouble distinguishing between his waking life and his dreams with the Moon Knight alter ego likely operating independent of what Isaac’s Marc Spector even realizes. And it doesn’t help that Isaac appears to not even start the series as Spector, but rather as Steven Grant, an English dude who is having trouble recalling anything from his past. From the jump, this definitely has a psychological thriller vibe to it. 

With Moon Knight getting his powers from the Egyptian God Knoshu, we’ve seen that Oscar Isaac’s character can transform almost instantly into the character we see above. Armed with the crescent darts, and a cape that can partly simulate flying, there’s a fear element that will definitely be employed before it’s all said and done. It’s an exciting new addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, ushering in what could be a bloodier phase for the studio.