Fan Reactions to Oscar Isaac’s Moon Knight Accent Are Overwhelmingly One-Sided

By Doug Norrie | 4 months ago

oscar isaac moon knight

The first longer trailer just dropped for Oscar Isaac and Moon Knight on Monday and it gave the first glimpses of what to expect from this series. By early looks, the series looks a bit darker than anything we’ve seen on Disney+ in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Isaac’s Marc Spector/ Steve/ Moon Knight very much looks the part from the comic book. That being said, fans were quick to weigh in on something that certainly stood out in the first trailer. It was a confusing turn of events when Isaac actually spoke and had, well, an English accent. 

There were a few reasons for this Oscar Isaac accent to come off a bit odd in the Moon Knight trailer. For starters, he’s not English, having been born in Guatemala and then immigrating to the United States when he was five months old. Ok, so it’s not that. Well, maybe the Marc Spector character is English in the series? That wouldn’t make sense either considering the character in the comic books was born in Chicago. So neither one of those really line up. There are some other theories as to why that’s the case, though fans were rightfully confused. Check out the trailer for Moon Knight. 

Weird, right? It throws you off some when you first hear the initial voice-over from Oscar Isaac in which he’s describing his inability to sleep. The one explanation could come from the idea that the dissociative disorder he is dealing with in the show which has him not remembering that he is, in fact, Marc Spector could mean that this Steve character is something conjured up as part of another persona. That’s about all that makes sense about the way Oscar Isaac is talking in this trailer. And, of course, fans were quick to pile on about the odd choice in vocals. 

And those weren’t the only opinions on Oscar Isaac here. Again, a lot of folks weighed in on this.

Again, the most likely explanation here is that when Oscar Isaac is finally able to shed the Steve character he seems to be stuck in and embrace the Spector/ Moon Knight role, I think we shed the British accent altogether. It would be crazy to reinvent the character completely away from the pages of the original comic book. So I think this is what we are dealing with here. 

And outside of this piece, the first look at Oscar Isaac in the Moon Knight series does look very good. It is surely set to play, at least at first, on the psychological aspects of the character coming to grips with the idea that he’s psychically connected to the God Khonshu and given supernatural powers. The series looks frenetic and chaotic in all the right places, much darker than what we’ve seen on the streamer. And it looks like Oscar Isaac will be at odds with Ethan Hawke who plays cult leader Arthur Harrow. While not officially announced yet, this character could still be the Sun King. 

It won’t be long until we find out just what is happening with this accent from Oscar Isaac in Moon Knight. The series is set to debut on March 30th of this year and will feature six episodes total.