See Oscar Isaac Training To Become Marvel’s Moon Knight

Oscar Isaac is going full fighting mode in this latest video. He's training for his Moon Knight role and showing off all the skills

By Doug Norrie | Published

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Oscar Isaac is set to take a major superhero role going forward in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It’s an exciting time for the franchise with a ton of new stories and characters gearing up in the near future. Isaac is going to play Marc Spector/ The Moon Knight for a full series run. And now we get one of our first chances to catch a glimpse of what Isaac could look like in the role, at least from a skills and fighting perspective. There’s an extended video of him in training mode and it gives a major sense of what this hero is going to bring to the screen. Check out why the bad guys shouldn’t be messing with this guy at all. 

This training video shows off some of the situations that Oscar Isaac is going to get into as Moon Knight. The hand-to-hand combat is going to be real with the actor running through a number of different scenarios. There are moments of him grappling and having to take down attackers in a skirmish. But there are also a couple of other key elements as well. There’s one move that definitively has him plunging a fake knife or blade into the shoulder of an aggressor. And he also has a moment of disarming a firearm from the guy as well. There’s just a ton to get excited about here and it’s clear that Isaac is taking the training incredibly seriously. 

Oscar Isaac was confirmed as Moon Knight back in January and he’ll be starring in the titular show as Marc Spector, the alias for the superhero. Moon Knight will be part of Marvel’s Phase Four of development and is just one of a ton of new shows and characters being introduced to the franchise going forward. Adding Oscar Isaac to the mix made for another high-profile casting decision and will lend some credence to a character who has been a bit overlooked in the world of the actual comic book pages. The character Marc Spector is an ex-soldier-turned-mercenary who comes upon his powers after being left for dead in the Egyptian desert. There he is brought back to life by the gods and given superpowers with which to combat evil.

The new show could have a very dark but slick feel to it with Spector’s character also having a ton of money, giving him just a little of that Batman/ Bruce Wayne feel. There are major differences between the two, but we could be looking at a moodier series all things considered. In this way, Oscar Isaac is looking perfect for the role. 

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The other casting decision for Moon Knight, other than Oscar Isaac, is the recent addition of Ethan Hawke to the mix. He’ll be playing the primary antagonist Raoul Bushman. Bushman is Spector’s former boss who left him to die in the desert. It’s unclear how the two characters cross paths in this series but having such strong casting for the program could make this one of the franchise staples moving forward. There’s reason to suspect the series is very good. 

Moon Knight just began filming this month and is set for a 2022 release on Disney+. If this Oscar Isaac video is any indication, it’s going to be a very cool show.