Oscar Isaac Hears Voices In First Moon Knight Trailer

Oscar Isaac appears in the first teaser trailer for the upcoming series Moon Knight, and the new Marvel hero is hearing voices!

By Michileen Martin | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

oscar isaac moon knight

After a lot of speculation, we’re finally getting to see Marc Spector in the flesh. A teaser trailer for the upcoming Disney+ series Moon Knight is here, featuring an Oscar Isaac who doesn’t seem to know what’s real and what’s fantasy. While the teaser doesn’t reveal a lot, it confirms that Isaac’s portrayal of the character will mirror the source material in that the character will be contending with multiple personalities.

The Moon Knight teaser trailer debuted as part of a 14-minute Marvel sizzle reel highlighting the current and future Marvel series and specials debuting on Disney+ in the near future. A little under 12 minutes in, the Moon Knight teaser opens on Oscar Isaac’s Marc Spector. A voice says, “I can’t tell the difference between my waking life, and dreams.” The voice doesn’t sound like Isaac’s, suggesting it could be one of his splintered personalities. Isaac appears troubled and tortured throughout the teaser, including in shots in which he appears to be sneaking through some kind of strange facility. When we finally see him as Moon Knight, it’s from behind, in a completely trashed room with the vigilante pounding mercilessly on someone off screen. We see a reflection of the running, caped figure in water and at the end of the teaser see him from a distance, leaping across rooftops. Best of all, the teaser tells us the series is “streaming soon.” You can watch the trailer below.


We actually get some more previews of the series later in the sizzle reel. The teaser for Moon Knight is the first of three new series trailers on the reel. After the similar teasers for She-Hulk and Ms. Marvel, there’s shots of the logos of upcoming live-action and animated projects, and this is followed by a series of quick shots from various upcoming series including Moon Knight. You can see that part of the sizzle reel below.

Among other things, we see a shot of a bloodied Oscar Isaac standing, fists balled, in the middle of at least three unconscious combatants. He seems to have just woken up — likely having switched personalities after the fight. We also see a shot of Moon Knight picking himself up after a classic superhero landing: check out the screenshot below.

oscar isaac moon knight

One interesting thing to note about the Moon Knight teaser is that it seems to confirm the leaked photo of Oscar Isaac in full costume in August. The shot made its way around the web quickly but was never confirmed to be genuine. If you compare the first shot of Moon Knight in costume from the teaser to the leaked costume shot from earlier this year, Moon Knight seems to be standing in the same room in both images. Pay special attention to the similar looking walls in each image, as well as how both rooms look like they’ve been torn to pieces. You can look at the examples below — the August photo comes first — and judge for yourself.


We should know for sure some time in 2022 — which is about as firm a word we have on the release date for Oscar Isaac’s Moon Knight. That’s when we’ll also finally learn the identity of Ethan Hawke’s villain. Speculation around Hawke’s character have ranged from Marc Spector’s brother Shadowknight to the art thief Midnight Man, and even to Dracula himself.