An Olivia Munn Movie Is One Of The Most Streamed Titles In The USA Today

By Doug Norrie | 2 weeks ago

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Olivia Munn has had an interesting career in Hollywood. She’s had all kinds of roles throughout the years. She’s been an on-air personality and worked in a number of different hosting settings. But she’s also taken a turn on the screen and has made quite the name for herself in the acting world as well. When you are an exceptional talent then different work is going to come easy. And that’s been the case with Munn over the last decade or so. Now one of her movies is among the most-streamed flicks in the United States. Check out Buddy Games which is in the top 10 on Hulu this week. 

Buddy Games is actually based on the real-life group of friends of director and star Josh Duhamel. In this movie version, a group of six guys reunites after the years to compete in an annual round of dares of ever-escalating ridiculousness over the course of a weekend. While the real-life version of these events did, in fact, feature some of the craziness, there’s definitely a suped-up version of things happening on-screen here. In the film, Josh Duhamel plays the Bobfather, the organizer of the proceedings and Olivia Munn is his somewhat reluctant wife who has to witness the disaster of these 72 hours. 

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Over the course of Buddy Games, the guys compete in all sorts of craziness. There are your standard paintball shooting and obstacle course races. But there’s also actual hunting of each other with bows and arrows, car crashes, drinking laxatives before a night out at the bar, extreme eating competitions, surviving deadly lizards, and much, much more. Olivia Munn has to play witness to almost all of this train wreck. Here, check out the trailer for Buddy Games:

Joining Josh Duhamel and Olivia Munn in Buddy Games is a solid comedic group of actors. The core group of friends is made up of actors, all with their requisite quasi-frat names. There’s Dax Shepard as Durfy, Nick Swardson as Bender, Dan Bakkedahl as Shelly, James Roday Rodriguez as Zane, and Kevin Dillon as Doc. This group of up dudes has come together to essentially put their life on the line for what amounts to beer games on steroids for the weekend and the chance to win some cash. Sure, there’s an element to old friends coming back together to relive their youth, but that’s secondary to the spectacle. 

Buddy Games landed with critics basically right where you think it would when watching the trailer. It’s sitting at 17% on Rotten Tomatoes and 22 on Metacritic. Movies like this aren’t typically bound for critical success just on the nature of how they are mining laughs. So in this way, the critical score needs to be taken with something of a grain of salt. There’s almost no chance it was going to be among the elite here. But some did go as far as to say that Olivia Munn in particular was underutilized in her role. In playing the wife of Duhamel she ended up more on the sidelines when the movie could have, in the end, been more about their relationship and how the former had eschewed his role by prioritizing the fun with friends piece. There were some who saw this as a missed opportunity. 

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The film distribution rights for Buddy Games weren’t secured until the summer of 2020, during the pandemic, so this film never saw much of a theatrical release. In all, it made less than $1 million at the box office. That represents a huge step down for Olivia Munn who had been in X-Men: Apocalypse as Psylocke and The Predator in previous years. Both of which were substantially bigger draws in the theater for rather obvious reasons. That being said, Buddy Games definitely is an easy, and often-times funny watch that plays better for the lazy Saturday easy viewing crowd. In that way, it has its place in the streaming movie spectrum. 

Next up for Olivia Munn is The Gateway with Shea Whigham and Frank Grillo. It’s going to be a crime thriller set to release later this year. In the meantime, watch Olivia Munn as she watches this group of morons basically kill each other over the course of a weekend. 

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