Olivia Colman Joining An Upcoming Marvel Series

By Doug Norrie | 2 months ago

olivia colman

Olivia Colman has been having a great run of late. She’s won major awards for her acting, parlayed that into big-time roles in hit series, and now is going to join one of the biggest franchises around. It wouldn’t seem the most natural fit considering the pace and tone of her previous, critically-acclaimed work, but great talents can shine through in any production and that’s sure to be the case with this next role. That’s because Variety is reporting that Olivia Colman is officially joining the cast of Secret Invasion in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

The role Olivia Colman will play in Secret Invasion isn’t totally clear at this point. It’s set to be a major production so there are quite a few directions the casting could go. But, of course, she will be playing a new character in the Marvel Universe going forward seeing as how she hasn’t been a part of this franchise before. Considering the size and scope of this coming series on Disney+, this is far from the last casting announcement we’ll see for the program. But it’s obvious that they are adding heavy-hitting, major talents for the project which points to the script being top-notch out of the box. 

Again, the casting decisions for Secret Invasion are just getting underway but, along with Olivia Colman, we already know a couple of the key players for the series. Samuel L. Jackson will be reprising his Nick Fury role as one of, if not the main character, and Ben Mendelsohn will take on the role of Talos again. The two are set to team up against Kingsley Ben-Adir who will play the series villain though the exact character hasn’t been reported yet. 

olivia colman

With Olivia Colman joining Secret Invasion they are starting to build out the cast for the limited series which could wrap into a number of different Marvel storylines and tie in a whole host of characters from the universe. The show will be based on the comic book series of the same name. It involves a Skrull takeover of Earth in which the alien race impersonates humans at the highest levels. This includes government officials and even superheroes themselves. In this way, we could see the return or introduction of all kinds of folks though it will be tough to know if it’s the “real” version or an imposter. 

As for Olivia Colman, she’s had an excellent few years up on the screen. She won an Academy Award for her role, playing Queen Anne in 2019’s The Favourite. Then she doubled down on the royalty roles playing Queen Elizabeth for two seasons on Netflix’s The Crown. She was nominated for an Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series in that role. Look, Colman has an entire Wikipedia page dedicated just to the awards she’s been up for and won over her years of acting. So suffice to say Secret Invasion got one of the greats here. Secret Invasion is part of Marvel’s Phase Four and will release sometime in 2022.