See Captain Archer’s Enterprise Return To Star Trek For The First Time Since His Show Was Canceled

The NX-01 appeared in a blink and you'll miss it moment on Star Trek: Picard season 3, episode 6. We have the freeze frame.

By Josh Tyler | Published

NX-01 Enterprise
NX-01 Enterprise as seen on Star Trek: Enterprise

The series Star Trek: Enterprise only lasted four seasons and when it was canceled it ended an entire era of Star Trek. The show followed Captain Archer (played by Scott Bakula) aboard a starship called the NX-01 Enterprise, and we haven’t seen the ship (or Archer for that matter) since the series ended. That changed in the season 3 Star Trek: Picard episode, “The Bounty.

The NX-01 Enterprise appeared in a blink or you’ll miss it moment on that sixth episode during the crew of the Titan-A’s visit to a fleet museum. Here’s what she looked like in freeze-frame on display at the museum run by Commodore Geordi LaForge…

NX-01 Enterprise on Picard
NX-01 on Star Trek: Picard

If you’re thinking the NX-01 looks a little different than the last time you saw her, you’re right. Here’s what she looked like at the end of Star Trek: Enterprise season 4…

Archer's Ship
NX-01 on Star Trek: Enterprise

The NX-01 Enterprise shown in the above Star Trek: Picard still shot has the same saucer and the same warp nacelles, but they’ve added an engineering section in the style of the classic Captain Kirk Enterprise. What gives? That’s what happened to the ship after Star Trek: Enterprise stopped airing on television.

The plan for the series, had the show not been canceled, was to add an engineering section to the NX-01 as a refit in Star Trek: Enterprise season 5. The show was canceled before their refit version of the NX-01 Enterprise could become a reality.

Iconic Star Trek artist Doug Drexler designed the refit version, and unveiled it for the first time in his 2011 Ships Of The Line calendar, long after Star Trek: Enterprise had been canceled.

Ships of the Line
2011 Ships Of The Line Calendar

Here’s another look at how the refit Enterprise would have looked, had Star Trek: Enterprise season 5 been allowed to happen…

This refit version of the NX-01 has only showed up on screen in Star Trek one other time, and that’s as a scale model in the home of Jean-Luc Picard during a previous season of Star Trek: Picard. Until now, the refit itself has never actually been seen in its final form on an official Trek series or in an official Trek movie.

Thanks to Terry Matalas and the Star Trek: Picard team, the final version of the NX-01 Enterprise is on screen at last, as it was always intended to be.

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