Norman Reedus Walking Dead Spinoff Reveals First Details Including Surprise Setting

The Norman Reedus Walking Dead show is one of the most anticipated spin-offs in years and some key info was just confirmed.

By Joshua Jones | Published

norman reedus walking dead

As the original The Walking Dead show comes to an end, all eyes are now set on the upcoming spinoffs that will continue the stories of the main characters. One spinoff that has been getting a lot of attention is the one featuring the fan-favorite character, Daryl Dixon. Although details regarding the Norman Reedus Walking Dead spinoff have been sparse, some have speculated whether the show will focus on Daryl looking for his long-lost brother and friend, Rick Grimes. There has also been speculation on whether Daryl could find himself in another country entirely. Well, according to Comic Book, the Norman Reedus Walking Dead spinoff will indeed take place in France and will find everyone’s favorite crossbow-wielding zombie killer as the fish out of water.

Chief Content Officer of AMC Scott M. Gimple revealed the setting of the upcoming spinoff during The Walking Dead preview special Sunday. Gimple, who is said to be overseeing the Reedus-led spinoff, teased that the ending of The Walking Dead: World Beyond provided a clue to what Daryl could face in the spinoff. When discussing the character in general, Gimple said that Daryl will have “reinvent himself,” and perhaps have to learn to live with an entirely new group of people than he’s used to. Norman Reedus, who has been at the forefront of The Walking Dead, signed onto the project in 2020.

One interesting aspect of the upcoming spinoff is the exclusion of Daryl’s closest ally, Carol. It was initially announced that Carol would play a significant role in the spinoff, but actress Melissa McBride backed out from the project due to “logistic issues.” In addition, current Walking Dead showrunner Angela Kang also backed out from the project after McBride announced her departure. Norman Reedus seems to understand McBride’s decision to walk away from The Walking Dead after having been part of the series for over a decade.

The Norman Reedus Walking Dead project isn’t the only one coming down the pipeline. There is also the show titled Isle of the Dead, focusing on the characters Maggie Rhee and Negan and will take place in New York City. Gimple also announced that at Comic-Con, a spinoff focusing on Rick Grimes and Michonne would be coming to AMC soon. The spinoff was supposed to be just a series of theatrical release movies but was recently changed to a television series.

Now that fans know the future of Norman Reedus on The Walking Dead, it does leave little doubt that his character will perish in the final season. Despite all that, the future of The Walking Dead, at the very least, looks exciting and will hopefully continue to develop the characters that have been around for years now. As for what will happen in the final season, that remains to be seen.