Norman Reedus Shares Zombie Set Photos For His Walking Dead Spin-Off Series

Norman Reedus posts production shots from his The Walking Dead spin-off to Instagram.

By Chris Snellgrove | Updated

norman reedus

It didn’t take very long for Norman Reedus to become one of the breakout stars of The Walking Dead. As a kind of badass with a heart of gold, his character Daryl Dixon became a fan-favorite and, after the departure of Andrew Lincoln’s Rick Grimes, became the main character of the show for many fans. Now that the finale of that show has wrapped, Daryl will be headlining his own spinoff show, and the star has posted photos on Instagram that give us a glimpse of what to expect from the upcoming series.

Of course, these photos may disappoint The Walking Dead fans who thought Norman Reedus was going to fully spill the beans about the spinoff. There are only three pictures, and the photos alternate between being grainy, out-of-focus, and just plain cryptic. Still, for fans hungry for more info about their favorite zombie franchise, it’s exciting to speculate what the images might mean.

For example, the first photo that Norman Reedus shared to Instagram shows a golden statue in Paris, and the post verifies that the image was taken overseas. So far, one of the only things that we know about the show is that Daryl is going to wake up in France with no recollection of how he arrived. It sounds like that mystery may be a central element of the story, and the pictures shared by the star have actually created more mysteries for fans to uncover.

In the first photo, it’s possible that Norman Reedus was just snagging a photo of the iconic golden statue. As he notes in the caption, it was a “full wolf moon” on his birthday, so he may have just been sharing his cool moon photo. But since the other two photos show us potential scenes from the spinoff, many are wondering if the statue might serve as an important landmark in the show.

norman reedus the walking dead
Norman Reedus in The Walking Dead

Speaking of the other photos, the second photo shows three zombies shambling around some derelict cars. There is nothing overly remarkable about the photo, though it is cool to get an early glimpse of what the zombies have done to Paris, leaving the bustling streets devoid of all human life. And it will be interesting to see Norman Reedus, whose character was often so sure of himself on his home soil, navigate the unfamiliar European landscape while dodging violent walkers and working with new allies rather than familiar faces.

The final photo Norman Reedus shared just shows Daryl in a very low-resolution image, complete with a spatter of blood on the wall beside him. He looks like he is more in an exploration mode than a fighting mode, so chances are that he is discovering signs of conflict somewhere deep within Paris. Exactly where he is and who did the bloody fighting, though, are questions we won’t have answers to until the show launches.

So far, the spinoff doesn’t have a firm release date, though it will come out sometime this year. Until then, fans will have to keep a close eye on the social media of Norman Reedus to get more glimpses of the AMC show.