No One Wants To Live In The Marvel Or Star Wars Universes, Fans Have Overwhelmingly Selected A Different Franchise

An online poll shows most respondents would prefer to live in the universe of Star Trek over Star Wars, Marvel, and Stargate.

By Zack Zagranis | Updated

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Star Wars and Marvel are two of fans’ favorite universes to visit but live there? That’s a whole other story. @C_J_Boyle posted a poll on Twitter yesterday asking which franchise fans would want to be stuck in for the rest of their lives, and neither Disney property took the top spot.

The choices for the poll were: Star Wars, Star Trek, Marvel, and Stargate. Shockingly Star Trek won by a landslide. Gene Roddenberry’s sci-fi utopia got almost 75 percent of all votes, while Star Wars took the #2 spot, with 12.4 percent. The MCU and Stargate each received around 7 percent of the votes cast.

So what makes people almost ten times more likely to live in the Star Trek universe over Star Wars or Marvel? Easy. It’s the only one that isn’t a dystopian hellscape.

That might sound a little harsh, but it’s true. Take the MCU, for instance. Every day regular people wake up wondering if today is the day a chunk of building is going to fall on them because Thor and Loki have a dustup. Folks in the MCU live in constant fear that they could be winked out of existence with the snap of a finger.

Imagine you’re working in New York when suddenly a Chitauri Leviathan flies by your office window. Suddenly the Hulk jumps up and grabs the monster before slamming it into your building, killing hundreds of people. Why would anyone choose to live in a world where you’re not even safe from the heroes?

Star Wars is worse. Much worse. Ignoring any books or sources other than the movies, the entire galaxy has been at war for almost 70 years. Seven decades of constant fighting.

Star Wars

Fans living during the prequel trilogy would have to worry about getting shot by battle droids. Living in the original trilogy means stormtroopers are everywhere. Ditto for the sequel trilogy.

And that’s just the grunts. Imagine being nearby during one of Kylo Ren’s temper tantrums. You’d be lucky to walk away with all your limbs intact.

But what if you join the bad guys? Joining the Empire means there’s a good chance that left-wing militants will fly by and lob a proton torpedo at your ship. And you can’t survive by stranding yourself on some backwater planet that the Empire and Rebel Alliance don’t bother with either.

When it comes to flora and fauna, Star Wars is a lot like Australia. Everything can kill you, and most of it will, given the chance. Plus, for every Sarlaac you avoid falling into, there’s a pirate or bounty hunter waiting to blast you to smithereens.

Now compare both of the above universes to Star Trek. In Star Trek, there’s no money. No one has to work if they don’t want to. Replicators provide everything. The United Federation of Planets keeps everything relatively peaceful, and the only time anyone comes across evil entities is when they’re out exploring space looking for trouble.

Even the Borg, one of the most frightening species in Star Trek, eventually becomes chill. Some of them, like Seven of Nine, even join Starfleet.

Star Trek presents a future where every species, regardless of color, gender, or orientation, strive to get along. Who wouldn’t want to live in that beautiful utopia? Other than the weirdos who voted for Stargate, that is.