Nightmare On Elm Street Star Sends Out Hope For One Last Movie

By Christopher Isaac | Published

nightmare on elm Street

For as well-known Freddy Krueger is as a horror movie icon, the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise has currently been dormant for over fourteen years. Many fans would no doubt enjoy a new entry into the series at this point, and they evidently are not alone. Actress Heather Langenkamp, who played Nancy Thompson across multiple movies in the franchise, has made it clear that she wants to do at least one more movie as well before she calls it a career.

The Final Girl

Most horror movie franchises do tend to have at least one recurring protagonist character who the audience can root for, even amidst the high body count of slasher films. For A Nightmare on Elm Street, that was Nancy Thompson. She was of course in the original movie, but also came back for Dream Warriors, as well as Wes Craven’s New Nightmare. The latter was the last canon entry in the original franchise before it got into the spinoff Freddy vs Jason and then the 2010 reboot.

She’s Ready To Take On Freddy One More Time

Speaking to fans at a Q&A hosted by Nightmare on Film Street, Heather Langenkamp explained how much she wants to be part of a sequel, saying, “In my imagination, I have several legacy sequels happening at the same time.” And she made it clear that she is not just a fan of the Nightmare on Elm Street movies, but her character Nancy as well. “She’s a great character. How could you say no?”

If It’s Good Enough For Michael, Why Not Freddy?

Nightmare on Elm Street

It certainly would not be unprecedented for the Nightmare on Elm Street movies to get a revival. After all, the same thing just happened with the Halloween franchise, with Jamie Lee Curtis even coming back to play an older Laurie Strode for the new trilogy. While critical reception for the overall trilogy varied, fan response was very enthusiastic to see Michael Myers back in theaters again.

So why not another horror movie icon like Freddy Krueger?

Could Nancy Get Her Wish?

With Langenkamp advocating for the movie, that at least sounds like more Nightmare on Elm Street has a chance. “I just need somebody to get that off the ground,” she said. “Especially considering Nightmare on Elm Street part 7, Wes Craven’s New Nightmare. I do think there’s a lot of really great opportunities for new and excellent battles still to come.”

Robert Englund

nightmare on elm street

Of course, the true test would be if the legendary Robert Englund would be willing to return to play Freddy. He will be 77 next month, so he has understandably said that he has no further plans to do anymore Nightmare on Elm Street movies. The burn makeup that needs to be put on to get Freddy’s iconic look must be especially aggravating to tolerate.

However, maybe he could be convinced to provide the franchise one more big send off for a modern generation. It is hard to imagine any possibility where the franchise just stays dormant in perpetuity.

Nostalgia Sells

There is no denying that nostalgia is a big selling factor in movies nowadays. Other iconic films of past decades have been revitalizing themselves by bringing back their past stars. Ghostbusters just did so for its latest movies, and the Jurassic World movies brought back the original cast for the latest adventure as well.

Fans have long memories and want to see beloved characters brought back with the characters they know. It feels like a safe assumption that it is no different for A Nightmare on Elm Street.

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