Exclusive: Nicole Kidman Getting An Aquaman Spinoff Series

By Drew Dietsch | 5 months ago

nicole kidman aquaman

Nicole Kidman made quite the impression as Queen Atlanna in the DC superhero movie Aquaman. The character left the end of that film at a high point, and we expected that she would be playing a crucial role in the upcoming sequel. However, we have now obtained information from a trusted source that says Warner Bros./DC has some other plans for the Atlantian royalty.

We can confirm that discussion about an Atlanna streaming series on HBO Max has taken place. The plan would be to have Nicole Kidman star in the series. As far as what the story would be? From what we gathered, it sounds like it would primarily be focused on what happened to Atlanna after she was sacrificed to the monstrous Trench. In the movie, we saw that she discovered a magical realm known as the Hidden Sea. The show would likely take a look at what Atlanna was up to during her time in the Hidden Sea before she was found by her son, Arthur.

It definitely sounds like Warner Bros./DC wants to spinoff the Aquaman franchise in some way. In addition to this news about Nicole Kidman headlining her own streaming series, there were also talks about a series focused on the city of Atlantis. There are also plans to make an entire movie centered around the villainous Trench. There is no doubt that the Aquaman corner of the Dc universe is one Warner Bros. wants to exploit as much as it can.

nicole kidman aquaman

And frankly, nabbing a notable actress like Nicole Kidman to headline a show sounds like their best option. There is no doubt that his integrated approach to creating these cinematic universes is what consumers are now going to expect. Disney is well on its way to doing that with both Marvel and Star Wars. WarnerMedia knows they have to make HBO Max a destination for DC fans. They already have one spinoff in the works for their upcoming film The Suicide Squad. It could prove worthwhile for them to invest in some limited series like an Atlanna spinoff to Aquaman.

There is no question that the DC universe is still figuring out what its best approach to its properties is. There seems to be the feeling that they want to open the doors for limitless interpretations of their characters and worlds. So it is not surprising to hear that they could be considering a streaming series headlined by a bankable actor like Nicole Kidman. It could also prove to be another motivating factor for unsure consumers to finally sign up for HBO Max. Disney has seen that strategy work for Disney+. You know that WarnerMedia is going to do anything it can to try and replicate such success.

We will have to wait and see how much further along this Nicole Kidman Atlanna show can get in the production process. As of now, there is no script written for the series but that could change very soon. If our source lets us know anything else, we will be sure to report it to you as soon as possible.