Nicolas Cage Is Unrecognizably Bald In First Look At New Movie

Nicolas Cage appears with a bald spot and a heavy beard in BTS from his upcoming movie Dream Scenario.

By Ross Tyson | Published

The Age of Cage continues! Nicolas Cage was seen stepping out on the set of just one of his newest films, Dream Scenario. Cage is seen in the Instagram post above with a large bald spot and scruffy beard on the Toronto set of the film, looking strangely similar to Tom Cruise’s Les Grossman in Tropic Thunder.

The plot of the film has been kept tightly under wraps, but we do know that it will feature two actors fans have been dying to see on screen together for years- Superbad legend Michael Cera and the one and only Nicolas Cage.  The film is currently described as a horror comedy, which potentially means Cage will be allowed to put his full, raw talent into the role.

While we may not know much about Dream Scenario, fans are in for a real dream scenario when the powers of Nicolas Cage and Nicholas Hoult combine in the upcoming horror-comedy Renfield. The film follows Dracula’s assistant Renfield (Hoult) as he settles into a new life in New Orleans while Dracula attempts to find him. Cage will be starring as Dracula, bringing his acting career full circle, as he’s said the character as played by Christopher Lee made him want to become an actor.

Nicolas Cage as Dracula in Renfield

Nicolas Cage has been on a hot streak of weird in the past decade (and longer). While once a running joke that Cage would take any script for enough money, the actor is now happy to star in lower-budget productions than massive blockbusters these days. While the question of good or bad is up for debate on some projects, it’s obvious that Cage is always bringing an intensity that nobody could hope to match. 

Sticking in the horror genre more than usual lately, Nicolas Cage has earned heaps of praise for performances that range from quietly violent (Mandy) to the certifiably mad (The Colour Out of Space). While both films were received warmly and won numerous accolades, Cage was firmly noted as the standout in both movies, earning his own praise and respect from horror fans everywhere. 

While a very serious actor in many of his roles, Nicolas Cage has shown that he’s willing to poke fun at himself for the sake of art. The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent, released a few months ago, showed the actor playing himself in a meta-comedy where he ends up way over his head. The movie made amazing use of Cage’s extensive history in film and reality, using the film as a meditation on the actor himself as much as a comedy vessel.

Even with 2022 closing out, Nicolas Cage still has two films on the schedule for this year, each one offering the actor a different playground to run around in. A change from his recent comedic efforts, The Old Way will star Cage as an aging cowboy on the Colorado frontier. His next effort scheduled for the year is an action-adventure offering titled The Retirement Plan, which he filmed alongside longtime friend Ron Perlman. No matter what he’s in, the Cage Rage will always have a place on screens.